Explore the Golarion Continent of Tian Xia with Playable Tanuki in New Pathfinder Books


PAIO has actually introduced a slate of Pathfinder books concentrated on the Clarion continent of Than Xia, which contains a number of nations and societies inspired by various real-world Asian societies. Beginning later this year, PAIO will launch a set of Lost Omens tradition publications focused on Than Xia, along with the Season of Ghosts Journey Path, which is a four-part adventure set in the haunted nation of Sherman. The 2 Lost Omens publications, the Than Xia Globe Overview and also the Than Xia Character Overview, will certainly not just offer a wide variety of new info concerning the continent, its nations, and also its individuals, yet also supply new character options for players and also new monsters for GMS.

In a blog article introducing the upcoming slate of books, PAIO innovative director James Jacobs exposed that the Lost Omens Than Xia Character Overview will certainly feature 6 new playable ancestries, including a brand-new ancestry not formerly included in the video game. While Pathfinder is restoring the Sam saran (an ancestry notable for their blue skin and also their cycle of reincarnation) as well as the Way ang (an ancestry initially from the Plane of Shadow inspired by the Indonesian shadow creatures), the Character Overview will likewise introduce a usable tank ancestry. Tanks not only have the power to shape shift, they can additionally produce illusions as well as drum their tummies under the full moon.

Possibly most importantly, PAIO has actually brought on a number of diverse voices to bring Than Xia to life in their new line of books, with over 40 writers contributing to the experience as well as Shed Omens guides. The Than Xia Lost Omens books continue a pattern for PAIO, complying with the launch of the popular Wang Stretch Shed Omens source book back in 2021, which considerably expanded upon a continent that included various cultures and nations based off of African cultures. Lost Omens: The Wang Stretch was virtually widely applauded as well as fans have asked PAIO to provide a comparable treatment to various other parts of the globe of Clarion given that.


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Period of Ghosts will certainly launch in 2023, while the Lost Omens Than Xia Globe Guide as well as Lost Omens Than Xia Personality Guide will be released in 2024.