WoW: Dragon Flight: Why Sabellian is the Best Choice to Climb The Obsidiary Throne

There are still indications and marvels happening! After an eternity, Blizzard Abelian, the lost son of Death wing, lets back to Zeroth. In WoW: Dragon Flight, Abelian claims his dad's throne. Is his descent enough to win the Obisidianthron? Abelian fulfills a competitor on the dragon islands, who also targets Neltharion's tradition.

Who is Abelian?

Abelian is the youngest son of Death wing. He served his dad as a lieutenant at the end of the second war. At that time, Death wing strongly believed that the black dragon swarm on the Drano could discover a brand-new house. In order to get into the house world of the Orcs, he closed an alliance with war chief NER' HUL at the end of the 2nd war. Abelian and other black dragons escorted the Orc chiefs Ferris Wolfsbruder, Agar backbreaker and a small group of orcs to the port of Menthol on the command of death swing. There they had to go back to Sarges Bergen and return to NER' HUL with the artifact. Abelian then flew to Drano with the orcs. Like his dad, he also expected a fresh start for the black dragon swarm.

Who was Abelian's mom?

Death wing was Abelian's daddy. That is clear. However, who was his mom? There are 2 official sources on this topic that oppose each other. In the WoW book Thrall: DrugenKomenung and in the 2nd edition of World of Warcraft: The Publication it states that Abelian is the youngest boy of Death Swing and Sharia. However, the Ultimate Visual Guide explains Abelian as a half-brother of Onyx and Nevadian, which implies that Sharia would not be the mother of Abelian. The second source might be incorrect. After all, Sharia was the only dragon woman who had survived the hot love nights with deaths. That is why we assume that Abelian, like Nevadian and Onyx, comes down from her.

the brand-new home on Drano

The very first black dragons settled in Gorgon and in the frost fire ridge. Deaths and his brood at first hid in the mountains. However, the dragons rapidly drew in Gruel's attention, the King of Grow. Together with a group of Rogers and Allianz heroes, the grown assaulted the dragon scarcity of Death wing. Gruel ruined most kite eggs and beat the aspect of blue and green. Neltharion then needed to leave and left his brood and Abelian on Drano. Abelian disguised himself as Baron Nobel mane in the shards of shards. In the shear ridge he experienced many experiences with Rear. At the time, however, the half-orc did not know that it was good friends with a black kite. Source: Blizzard

incognito as a baron Nobel hair

Abelian appeared in Burning Crusade in the form of a human-noble name Baron Nobel hair You can still discover him in the Scherbenwelt in the Scheat today. He helps adventurers to ruin Gruel and his children. In Catastrophe, Death wing raved throughout Zeroth. In the deception he restored his children's bodies once again and called Nevadian and Onyx to his side once again. It seems that Abelian did not hear his reputation. He and his black dragons kept concealed in the shard of shards. This saved them their life, after all, all black dragons in Zeroth were consecrated to death.


In the book series Forage through Zeroth, the master spy Mathias Shaw mentioned in a report that the SI: 7 understood that Baron was Abelian in truth. Shaw keeps in mind that Abelian does not posture a hazard as long as he and his swarm remain in the shard of fragments. It would be fascinating to discover what Mathias Shaw needs to say today about the return of Abelian.

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