New Dragon Ball Video Reveals Epic Fight Between Bills and Black Freezer - Animation Made by Fans of the Saga

Today the history of Dragon Ball Super has not stopped, and that is because the franchise continues through the different manga publications by the successor of Akira Oriya, Toyota. However, it seems that Tea Animation does not intend to return the saga in anime format, nothing beyond the new movie we saw months ago in the cinema.


However, fans have their own methods to materialize fights that have not yet occurred in this work, and many are interested in seeing in action the powerful Black Freezer, the new rival to win. And for this the Etollec2 Animation Canal of YouTube shares a video in which the famous villain enters fight against Bills. Here you can see it: While it is not an official animation of Dragon Ball, you can see an excellent tribute between two of the most powerful characters of the work that continues to generate content over the years. And in fact, you can feel the fear of Bills himself, who previously did not bother Frieze, since he had never reached his great battle level. In news related to this anime. It was recently revealed that Veg eta already has two rivals to defeat in the work. If you want to know more about it, we invite you to click on the following link. Via: YouTube Editor's note: This type of fans creations are really striking, as we seem far from adapting new manga arches to anime. Something that can be something quite sad, especially for those who want to see a lot of action on the screen.