Latest e-Sports News: Valorant Rocking with 880,000 Viewers, Keep Up with the Trend

tory is a series of corners that can gather essential news in the e-sports market last week.


Along with the information of the whole e-sports sector in Korea as well as abroad, we present numerous information as well as tales such as residential e-sports-related events as well as plans, problems of the follower neighborhood, and also information of each video game group. In enhancement, we will certainly additionally educate you of the domestic e-sports competition arranged this week.

■ Information and also abroad at residence and abroad

◎ Valorant Rock// In, maximum number of customers' 880,000 individuals 'cruise'. - Tolerant e-sports, VCT's very first significant competition in 2023, Rock// São Paulo is cruising. Presently, after the Alpha Round of quarter-finals, the Omega Round of 16 is in full speed, and also the optimum variety of viewers is about 880,000. This is the figure that has gone beyond the record of the 2022 VCT Phase 2 Masters. At the time of the Champions, which had been ended up in 2022, the largest variety of visitors had to do with 1.5 million, and it is noteworthy that the rock// can pass this number.

◎ Thailand Sports Management, 2023 Thailand E Football Pro League. - Thai Sports Firm supervised an interview to reveal the launch of the E-football specialist organization with Fallback. The Thailand Sports Commissioner highlighted the reality that he has guidelines for fostering e-sports gamers. At the press conference, lots of significant workers, consisting of the head of the Thailand Sports Administration, along with the president of Plan B advertising and marketing partnership, Secretary General of the Thailand Football Association, as well as Director of True Company, participated in.

◎ Gangnam e-sports long-term arena transforms the plan to 'new building → renovating'. The Gangnam e-Sports permanent stadium service, which was being promoted in Gyeongsangnam-do, has been transformed from brand-new building and construction to remodeling. It was initially arranged to be established at the website of Singing Station, and was stranded to renovate the 100th Wedding anniversary Memorial Hall of Gyeongsang National University. Therefore, the job expense reduced from 12.8 billion won to Won, and the scale raised. Gyeongsangnam-do has actually listened to of the reason for the adjustment of planning and minimizing the job budget, such as the area of the initial plan, the superb infrastructure, the university as well as the win-win growth collaboration. Furthermore, Gyeongsangnam-do is planning to run the arena as well as complete by December.

◎ The Guard, the number of employees dismissed. It is recognized that the Guard, which runs specialist groups in different e-sports sporting activities such as Overwatch 2, Peak Tale, Valorant, as well as Call of Responsibility, has actually been discharged. The Guard notified all employees of web content, social and imaginative groups. This was first recognized on Twitter of the person that was one of The Guard's apparel developers. The Guard was amplified by fans' questions in 2022, earning a lot of prize money in Valorant, Overwatch 2 as well as Call of Obligation Competitors.

■ e-sports sources.

■ This week's e-sports routine.

◎ Focus on the need for retired Data 2 pro players, group branding as well as monetization designs.

-J eon Data 2 pro player, well-known for its nickname 'PPD', is a hot topic with a bitter sound focused on Data 2 esports teams and also organizers. He urged that he should concentrate on branding and also lucrative models for financial stabilizing instead of committing all energy for victory. It was implied to motivate gamers of each group to utilize their own brand names to gain monetary benefits through their current online reputation. ' PPD' is currently functioning as a program manager of a firm called e-sports' engine.