How to Transmogrify Equipment in Hogwarts Legacy - Change Your Character's Appearance Without Any Effects

Hogwarts's heritage allows players to change the appearance of their character without affecting his characteristics. Regardless of whether you want to transmogrifying and change the appearance of the equipment in the Hogwarts Heritage and change your outfit or want to change the appearance of your character by changing your hairstyle and makeup, the choice is yours. Thanks to many options for the appearance of equipment and settings for each slot of equipment in the Hogwarts Heritage, you can create a truly unique witch or wizard or even cosplay some characters from the Harry Potter franchise.

How to unlock a transmogrification?

As soon as you get the field guide in the Hogwarts Heritage, you can transmogrification or change the appearance of your equipment by pressing the menu key. This will open the menu; From here you need to select the Mechanism tab in the section you will find the category of transmissions. The game presents six main categories of equipment: hats, hands, raincoats and robes, facial clothes, outfits and shoes. As you pass the game, you will also have the opportunity to unlock the handles for the rods to configure the wands, brooms and flying mounds. Location of the cursor on any of them will lead to the appearance of a small pop-up screen with appropriate statistics and information about the equipment. In addition, this pop-up screen will also show the cost of selling the subject.

This means that the current equipped item can be sold, and in return you can get an in-game currency equal to the amount indicated ahead.


How to change the appearance of equipment in Hogwarts Legacy

If you point the cursor to the equipment slot, under this option of the cost of sale you will see another option indicating to change the appearance. When choosing this option (click F on PC, X on Xbox and Square on the PlayStation) a new screen will open, on which you can see and change the appearance of the selected element. Here you will see two more subcategories, a collection and others. In the collection category, you can see the appearance of objects that you unlocked by playing tests and competitions or purchasing Deluxe. You will find a Dark Arts package in this section of Hogwarts Legacy. At that time, the other section contains the appearance of all objects that you found as a loot around the world. After changing the appearance, you will see a small sign of the eye on the image of the category image confirming that the transmogrification is currently active.