Explode a Calling Spider with Magic: Tips & Tricks for Hogwarts Legacy

The idea of magic brings to mind all kinds of possibilities.


You could levitate objects, transform things, and in Hogwarts Legacy, it could mean setting fire to an arachnid and then exploding.

That's right, although the fight in the game will bring you all kinds of unpleasant things, that does not mean that you are helpless. On the contrary, magicians and budding witches have a lot in their toolbox to handle such threats. So, if you are wondering how to hit a flame spider to explode it in Hogwarts Legacies is the guide for you.

Exploit a flaming spider at Hogwarts Legacy

Before you start having ideas of being a single-person spider demolition team that brings the explosives, it is important to have the right spells on your timely at Hogwarts Legacy. The key spells that must be taken are fire or confringing. Launching fire will turn on the surrounding area around your character, while Confringing offers a greater range option. Any of the spells will set fire to the offender spider, but to explode, you must have done a lot of damage to the creature. Image Source: Warner Bros. Games through Once the spider is on fire, it inflicts fatal damage using your basic launch or other damage spells, and will explode. The best approach is to concentrate only on an objective, set fire and then explode while having some of his allies around him. This makes Thorn back Shooter or Venomous Shooter tastes the easiest goals to achieve this. Nothing like exploding spiders to start the day well at Hogwarts Legacy. And there you have it, everything you will need to know about how to hit a flame spider to explode it in Hogwarts Legacy. To help you even more, see other guides in the game, such as how to open all the vaults of the treasure in the game, where to find all the Hogsmeade collection chests or the best Easter eggs in the game. Otherwise, look for for everything else. Related Posts All the locations of the astronomy tables in Hogwarts Legacy Should you let Sebastian take the relic in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered How to find all collections in Hogsmeade at Hogwarts Legacy How to explode Sentinel loyal with bombard while carrying magic in Hogwarts Legacy How to open all Hogwarts legacy vaults