Celebrate Valentine's Day with the Couple Dance Party Update for the PC Rhythm Dance Game 'Audition'!


The PC online rhythm dance game 'Audition' served by Hanbitsoft has a special dance party that allows you to get a limited edition avatar reward ahead of Valentine's Day.

According to the audition, 'Event Mode Couple Dance' will be opened for a limited time before the regular inspection on February 9, 2023, and the regular inspection on February 23. Event Mode Couple Dance Tickets are automatically refilled every day, and additional tickets can be purchased immediately in the event mode window.

Users receive couple points and event coins as basic rewards in the event mode couple dance. It can be exchanged for the event coin and the exchanger with the 'Sweet England Valentine Fashion Shoes (Insurance)', 'Sweet Pyongyang Valentine Fashion Hair' (Insurance)' With couple points, you can increase the couple level to enjoy a variety of benefits.

In addition, during the event, the official Hanbitsoft Facebook liking event will also be held to provide event cache and items. At the same time, the number of daily charges of the daily vending machine for the couple garden 'DID vending machine' will increase to 30 times. In the diamond vending machine, the hedgehog (couple point) and the garden of the garden, which are installed totem, which provides additional couple points and couple garden rating when harvesting in full bloom in the garden, appears, and a certain amount of totem. Garden rating and couple points can also be obtained immediately.

Audition officials said, We celebrated our 7th anniversary last year and debuted as a preliminary festival, and we will open the event mode couple dance that users have paid a lot of attention. There is also an event to convey the heart, so I hope all the audition users will make precious memories.

More information related to games and events can be found on the Habitat website.