A Magical Movie Marathon: Revisiting Harry Potter Before Hogwarts Legacy

On February 10, 2023, our trip to a world loaded with magic and magic starts. Due To The Fact That then Hogwarts Tradition appears on the PC and the brand-new consoles, and we can finally experience what a lot of us have actually desired because the very first volume of Harry Potter books: get a letter by owl post themselves and enter the Hogwarts Express. And expect a world loaded with hopefully exceptional and magic role-playing game. While the anticipation for Hogwarts Legacy is growing in a number of us, others are currently halfway into the warding world. They are tuned in favor of magic, magic, giants and the dark arts by immersing them once again in the magical world: with a rewatch of all Harry Potter films. They are typically readily available on pretty much all streaming platforms for a rental charge. Only at Amazon Prime Video are all Harry Potter movies and even the very first 2 parts of fantastic animal began in the flat rate. Amazon Prime-Jetzt end up being a member and advantage Harry Potter and the stone of the smart forms the start of the series, and we not only learn more about the three main characters, but also life in the warding world. And for the first time we meet the villain in the series: you already understand whom! (Also offered as a book or Blu-ray). Harry Potter and the chamber of horror brightens the past of some figures and brings us closer to the history of Hogwarts. In addition, we learn that not all of them are green in the magic world and things like racism exist. (Likewise offered as a book or Blu-ray). Harry Potter and Azkaban's prisoner now brings us closer to Harry Potter's past. We discover more about his parents and the betrayal of them. For the very first time, the supposed children's stories struck significantly more major subjects. (Also readily available as a book or Blu-ray). Harry Potter and Squelch teaches us that it is completely okay to do deadly competitions at school. In addition, the limits of our warding world are expanding because we come into contact with other schools for the first time and see many wizards from other nations as part of the Quidditch World Champion. (Also readily available as a book or Blu-ray). Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix moves the focus of the series away from school and more on the battle between great and wicked.

We find out more about the battle of the order against the Death Eaters and how he already began at the first rule under You currently understand whom. However, Hogwarts naturally stays a crucial area in the series. (Also readily available as a book or Blu-ray). Harry Potter and the semi-blood prince not just indicates completion of a crucial character, but likewise completion of Hogwarts, as we got to know at the start of our journey. The fight versus wicked appears lost, and the situation seems helpless. Even Hogwarts falls basically into the hands of the Death Eaters. But at least we discover more about the immortality of You currently understand whom and now know how we can beat him! (Also offered as a book or Blu-ray). Harry Potter and the sanctuaries of death part 1 look like a road movie. Our three heroes are on the run and work out an intent on how to defeat evil. The load of the Horcruxe is obvious, and the community threatens to break. In the end, the incredible slump into the magician bench Gringos and the saddest death of the entire row is standing. (Likewise offered as a book or Blu-ray). Harry Potter and the sanctuaries of death part 2 form the furious finale. The Death Eaters were allegedly victorious and there is an end of the world in between them and the labor force and the students of Hogwarts. While magician battles are combated on all fronts, Harry, Ron and Hermione need to fix an important puzzle... and sacrifice themselves. (Also available as a book or Blu-ray). Obviously, the films are likewise offered in a complete box, if you do not feel like streaming and choose to put something on the shelf. The books are naturally also available as a total collection. Hogwarts Tradition anticipation? Now view all Harry Potter movies once again! (2) Source: Warner Bros. For many fans of the series not rather as excellent are the animal films. They provide us a more insight into the world of wizards and witches, so to a particular level, a various viewpoint. For our experience in Hogwarts Legacy, this need to be secondary because the video game takes location in the school of the same name. We must likewise discover some allusions to the films in the game. Incidentally, these revolve less around the animals than much more about the rise of Grindelwald.

  • Wonderful animal and where they can be discovered focuses on the history of Newt Salamander, the author of the books of the very same name, which also contribute in the real Harry Potter films. Really, it is more about the dispute of the wonderful and the Muggle world and the enthusiasts on both sides.
  • Wonderful Beasts: Grindelwald's crimes then focuses on Grindelwald's rise and the conflict between him and Dumbledore, the later headmaster of Hogwarts. In addition, whatever threatens to run out of the wizard world against the world of Muggle.
  • Wonderful animal: Dumbledore's secrets were boycotted by numerous fans of the series, because the Grindelwald actor Jonny Depp was tossed out of line, as was later invented. The movie continues to handle the dispute between Dumbledore and Grindelwald and likewise lights up the background of Albus' family Next-also its brother. Hogwarts Legacy anticipation? Now watch all Harry Potter films once again! (4) Source: Warner Bros. In addition to the books and films, there are naturally countless merch with which Harry Potter fans can equip up, but you certainly know that. In addition to all the widely known, we likewise selected out a few things for you who are not so common but pretty cool.
  • If we go to Hogwarts, obviously we need to choose among your homes. When playing, we decide to do this beforehand and use our Hogwarts Schelling (in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.
  • The Harry Potter stationery set including pens, envelopes and the map of the Rumtreibers for a befitting answer to the letter from Hogwarts.
  • Our unique highlight is the carpenter of the potions. The seven potions that represented in the first bands Shape's logic puzzle can be found on this. Thanks to numerous lime modes, can be used as a night lamp.


  • And of course the book Useless knowledge for Potter fans! Leisure fans experience numerous new backgrounds over the series, while hardcore fans feel rather challenged whether they currently know all the facts-for example, that Rupert Print has used with a rap video for the role of Ronald Weasley. And in the end, for everyone who is already complete of anticipation at Hogwarts Legacy, however have not yet won the video game: Here you can pre-order it (of course also available for PC and Xbox). Incidentally, pre-orders of the Deluxe Edition must begin on February 7th than 3 days in front of everybody. We see each other in the big hall. Or possibly more in the honey pot? To the homepage to the gallery