2023: Discover the Exciting Adventure of Mickey and Friends with Disney's New Game Strategy!

Disney has shown several works by expanding the game service. The first of the titles you can meet in 2023 was the story of Mickey and friends.

Walt Disney Company (Disney) introduced the cooperative platformer action 'Disney Illusion Island' on Nintendo's online showcase Nintendo on the 9th. This title shows a unique production that seems to appreciate cartoons as Disney, Pixar and 20th-century Games emphasize cartoon-like experiences.

In the trailer released on the day, you can also see various technologies that make use of each character's features, along with four characters that can be played, including Mickey, Mini, Donald Duck, and Goofy. Donald swims quickly on the water, and the goofy squeezes the sauce disease. In addition, the double jumps Mickey rolls the tail like a propeller, and the mini spreads a small mass production.

Donald has a small rocket and the goofy is red and spicy in a spicy jalapeño.

In addition, the adventure of finding and leaving three mysterious books is implemented as a cooperative action that plays alone or with up to three friends. In addition, the voice actors of each character animation play the voice in the game.

Disney distributed this work by Drama Studio. Drama Studio developed the latest work of the Battle Code series, which was first released in 1991, Battle Code 2020. It also supported the development of Sea of Verses and The Assist. Aside from the gameplay, Battle Code was regretted by the directing of the American-style animation rather than the original, so it was possible to wear the right clothes to draw a new Mickey Mouse character, the representative title of American cartoons.

Along with the release of this work, Drama Studio's AJ Grand-Scrouton said that Disney fans and switches users around the world will enjoy Disney Illusion Island.

Meanwhile, the game was first unveiled in the first solo game event 'Disney & Marvel Game Showcase', which was held in September last year.


Disney predicted the development of game services using numerous IPs, including Disney IP, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 20th Century Games. In particular, he introduced several works such as Marvel Mid-Night Suns, Marvel Snap, Monkey's Secrets, and Disney Dream Light last year, and various franchises such as Marvel's new Marvel, Avatar and Alien are expected to be released this year.

Disney Illusion Island is a game that uses the characteristics of the cute Disney's unique feature, unlike other deeply-like games. The game will be released through the Nintendo Switch on July 28.