Is it possible to configure your broom in Hogwarts's Heritage?. Hogwarts Legacy has not only a title school, but also an

Hogwarts Legacy has not only a title school, but also an open world around it. To explore it, players will have many options for movement. As expected, one of these options will be a flight on a broomstick.


According to this demonstration of gameplay, you have to not only ride a broomstick, but also set up it at your discretion. Here's what we know about the tuning of the broom in the Hogwarts Heritage.

How to configure your broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Players should be able to visit a sports goods store in Hogs mid, where brooms are sold, which allow you to change the appearance of your car. There will also be opportunities to increase the speed of your broom regarding its distance to the ground. To do this, you will need to interact with the seller of the sports goods store and help him. Obviously, he is trying to better understand the movement of the broom, since the action of the Hogwarts Heritage occurs in a much earlier period of time. Harry Potter Universe.

Books can be used at full speed when flying close to the ground. When you go into the air, your maximum speed will decrease, as evidenced by the yellow strip in the lower left corner of the screen. The modernization of your broom will allow you to fly at a greater speed even further from the ground. Looking for more our reports on Hogwarts's legacy? Check whether Joan Rowling made a contribution to Hogwarts's Heritage, and will it receive fees? Or is there a fast movement in Hogwarts Legacy? Here in Pro Game Guides.