How To Use Eve 2.1 In Destiny 2: Where Are The Hidden Gifts?

The dawn returned to Destiny 2, and Eve Levant brought her magical festive stove with her. It was updated to version 2.1 and more than ever ready to cook cookies and other confectionery products for all the inhabitants of the tower and beyond. But before the guards are able to distribute treats, they need to read the user's guide and learn how to use the latest version of the oven.

How to use Rosewood Observer 2

To use Eva's Holiday Oven 2.1, the lawyers will need to go to their quest tab to the director.

From there, click D, triangles, click the right mouse button to enter the oven menu. From there you can view all available recipes and prepare many baked beauties. This year, the guards will need to monitor the baking, as there are only three weeks to collect all the materials necessary for baking each cookie. For gilding printing, you need to bake 100 cookies and distribute them.


We recommend playing in the usual mode, as this should reward a wide range of materials, and then start typing those necessary for triumphs. After each type of cookie is created, return to the use of any weapon that you prefer and drop all cookies available from these materials, on NPC or two. To learn more about Destiny 2, check out the Destiny 2 Dawning 2022-a list of recipes in professional game guidelines.