Bayern Munich: Oliver Kahn Warns Of Politicization

Bayern Munich is one of the most successful clubs in Germany, and its on-field success have been matched by their off-the-pitch endeavors in the past decade.

CEO Oliver Khan from FC Bayern warns against overloading football with political concerns.


The politicization that takes place in football is ending up being significantly extreme and bigger. This overwhelms the players and I think you are slowly overwhelming football. Football can no longer do whatever that is done from the exterior , stated Khan in the podcast at Obviously, you have to handle human rights in Qatar, with the function that FIFA takes. Of course, athletes should also set signs, said Khan: Football can be a mosaic stone if it sets an indication, however football can not take on jobs and do not take on the role that others should in fact take on.

Politicians are accountable for this. At the World Cup, political problems such as the conversation about the One Love captain's plaster had temporarily overlaid the ing events.