5 features with which Need for Speed: Unbound shines for the release

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Hot sledges, roaring engines, booming basses and lots of neon colors-that's need for speed. With Need for Speed: Unbound, the latest part of the legendary street racing series is in the starting blocks. The most striking innovation is the daring but innovative graphic look. There are also a lot of other new mechanics and fresh features under the hood. You can read which these are here. Need for Speed: Buy Unbound at MediaMarkt

Style is a trump card: The unique new look of Need for Speed: Unbound

When comparing Need for Speed: Unbound with previous NFS parts, the fresh new design immediately catches the eye. In the current part, realism and comic look merge. While cars and the fictional city of Lake shore appear in the usual realistic graphic style, characters and special effects are drawn and animated. The customizable driving effects are particularly interesting: the use of the boost as well as drifts, jumps and almost accidents are accompanied by cool animations in graffiti look. These include, for example, neon-colored tire smoke, glowing symbols and illustrative lines that lie around the vehicles. You can put together the respective driving effects individually and thus poses in front of your rival. If the colorful special effects are too much of a good thing for you, you simply switch them off in the options. Shows who you are: countless opportunities for car and character individualization You can not only display your personal style with the new driving effects. As for the series, Need for Speed also offers countless adjustment options for your vehicles and your character. With the car you have the choice of more than 140 sports cars. These include classics such as the Golf GTI from 1976 and modern luxury bodies such as the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series from 2021. By loading the video you accept the data protection declaration from YouTube. Learn more Load video Always unlock YouTube You can tune each of the more than 140 vehicles to your heart's content-both in performance and optically. In total, there are more than 10,000 customization options, including paints, foils (decals), rims and much more. With the new film editor you even have the opportunity to adapt existing decals and create very own creations. Cutaways are also fresh. Here the bumper of the sports cars are removed, and you get an insight into the interior of the cars. Tuning freaks can also look forward to legendary tuning parts.


These rare parts are unique and can even change the complete body of your car. In addition to chic new parts for your fleet, Need for Speed offers: Unsound and tons of clothes to dress your character stylish. Publisher Electronic Arts even hired Toni Blaze, editor-in-chief of the cultural magazine Wonderland, as fashion director and senior stylist. Her primary goal was to ensure authentic clothing for the characters. In the game, numerous well-known fashion brands such as Champion, Vans, Film, Palace and Born X Raised are waiting for you with which you can express your own style. Your rivals also have their very personal style of clothing: the glamour racer Medusa, for example, only wears luxury clothing from Versace, while Chase comes across with his puma outfit.

becomes a street racing legend: races, events and activities in Lake shore

As usual, Need for Speed: Unbound again illegal street races and rapid chase with the cops. With every single victory, your participation in the legendary racing event The Grand is closer. In addition to the classic street races, the freely explored metropolis Lake shore has many other exciting events to offer. The new takeover events are special challenges, which also rinse a lot of money in your cash registers. These are presented by none other than US rappers a $ app rocky. This precision driving mode is less about speed, here the focus is on style! On the distinctive routes, you have to drift elegantly through curves, break the barrels and barricades and make daring jumps. The more actions you line up, the higher the multiplier and the more points you can clear away. The winner of the Takeover events can look forward to a large cheeky coal. By loading the video you accept the data protection declaration from YouTube. Learn more Load video Always unlock YouTube

In the case of deliveries of stolen cars, you duel in exciting chase with the cops or covers racing comrades through the area for passenger deliveries. In the drift zones, your non-slip skills are required: the longer the route covered by drift, the more points hike to your account. You can demonstrate how many horsepower is in your engine in the speed traps. There you have to let yourself be flashed with top speed. Classic checkpoint races are again at the start with the so-called speed runs. For full artists there are a lot of hidden collectibles in Need for Speed: Unsound and again. This time you are looking for jumps, poster walls, bear collecting objects and cool street art. And it is worth collecting: As a reward, driving effects and poses are waving.

goes all over: chase & side bets

In the Need-For-Speed series, chase with the police always caused the special thrill. This tradition continues Need for Speed: Unbound. In the latest part of the street racing series, the law enforcement officers put you even more pressure on you: If you draw too much attention to yourself, a police car will soon stick to your bumper. Even if the helicopters are hunting at higher search stages, you are not helplessly at the mercy of the laws in Need for Speed: Unbound. Thanks to new escape mechanics such as J-turns and hiding places, you can escape the long arm of the law with skill. If you succeed, even a little cash. By loading the video you accept the data protection declaration from YouTube. Learn more Load video Always unlock YouTube You can use the coal well, because you have just four weeks to make enough money to take part in The Grand. In addition to prize money for races obtained, there is another lucrative source of income in Need for Speed: Unsound: side bets. You can challenge opposing drivers directly at events and put money on your victory. The better the skills of the driver, the higher the bet.

If you do the race, you can look forward to a lot of extra coal. However, if you lose, you have to press your Monet on your opponent. Battles are honorary debts!

feel the beats of the street: First-class soundtrack with A $ app rocky and Shirin David

A good soundtrack simply belongs to Need-for-Speed-Games. Need for Speed's track list: Unbound can be heard: In the recent part, a hip-hop and electric soundtrack ensures authenticity and a good mood when the lawn. The game offers over 70 titles from artists from all over the world. A $ AP Rocky is the honorary headliner. The US rapper is not only a character in Need for Speed: Unbound, but has immortalized itself several times-solo and with his crew a $ app mob-on the soundtrack of the game. A playlist in Need-for-Speed-Games has also never been more international: almost half of all songs are not in English. A German rapper is also represented with Shirin David. She is at the start with her hit Be a Hoe/Break a Hoe (Feat. Kitty Kat). There could hardly have been a better choice: the rapper revealed that she is totally on quick and striking cars and is also a big need-for-speed fan. Visit us on Facebook and Instagram and discuss your favorite games with us.