The creators of God of War Ragnarök already work on many different things


Rates and Women continue their journey in the Nordic world of God of War Ragnarök. Meanwhile, Santa Monica Studio looks at the future, although at the moment it is unknown to which projects are working. Cory Barlow, director of God of War (2018), producer of the sequel and head of the PlayStation Studios developer, h suggested in an interview with Los Angeles Times that the study is currently divided into a lot of different things.

expected, the journalist h tried to get some data, but Barlow h refused to offer concrete details of what is about to come. The times are managed with precision and the studies announce their games when they believe it's appropriate, although the leaks often make their surprise. In the pt, this period recalls, the study h collaborated with other studies to publish independent games such Journey or The Order 1866.

Dark side, the science fiction game that Santa Monica Studio Cancel

Santa Monica Studio worked for a time in Dark side, a science fiction game set in the future fenced, in 2034. Using role, action and driving mechanics, the title w going to offer exploration to bankers (different planets) through of an open world full of diverse creatures. Unfortunately, production ended in the recycling paper. In other words, he w canceled.

God of War Ragnarök closes the Nordic arch of the saga starring the god of war. The Greek Rates travels with his son in a new adventure where battles or exploration are not lacking. Developer for PS4 and PS5, the title h triumphed in national and international criticism. Not surprisingly, he is one of the best game candidates (Got) granted by The Game Awards. The organized and presented by the Showman Geoff Eighty will take place on December 8.