From school on the training bank-DFB junior


As part of a ceremonial handover in the Prussian station, the participants received their well-deserved certificates. The certificates existed by Prussian captain Marc Lorenz and Thomas Synowczik as representatives of the DFB and the State and Football Association of Westphalia.

Formerly, the 19 young people who were enthusiastic about football got to know the structure of training systems and the material of the training methodology in 40-hour units. At the end of the training, they effectively carried out a training session in a class 5 on the examination day.

The junior high school in the Kreuzviertel and the Geschwister-Scholl Realschule Kinderhaus trained together quickly prior to the autumn vacations and were 2 of the 200 selected schools in the DFB, where the training was carried out as a junior coach.