Foreign Priest: Criticism of Qatar big-headed and racist

Qatar's Foreign Priest considers objection from German politics at the host of the Globe Mug for dual morality.

On the one hand, the German populace is incorrectly educated by government politicians, the government has no trouble with us when it comes to power partnerships or concerning financial investments, said Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Than of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. He can not comprehend that simultaneously other standards would relate to the World Cup host. This is not the type of connection that we wish to see in between 2 nations like Germany as well as Qatar, claimed the Foreign Preacher.

The Most just recently, before going to the Federal Priest of the Interior, Nancy Falser, who was additionally in charge of top-class ing activity, there had been an error in Qatar because the SPD politician had criticized the honor of the World Mug to the Arab nation. The World Mug in the Emirate has actually long been criticized for infractions of civil rights as well as handling employees from various other nations.

all Than sees firms as a duty

This is an ongoing procedure that never stops-and which will certainly not quit also after the World Cup, he claimed. The award of the World Mug for his nation is a blessing. We are very proud of it, and also we are extremely positive that this Globe Mug will be one of the finest you have actually ever before seen, said Al Than.

He explained the objection from Europe of the scenario in Qatar as really racist as well as really egotistic. Nonetheless, the honor of the Globe Mug for his nation is a blessing. We are very pleased with it, as well as we are really certain that this World Cup will be one of the very best you have ever before seen, stated Al Than.

The firms, consisting of Europeans, are obliged to apply the brand-new policies and also criteria in Qatar. If the companies still do not stay with it, it is not the government's mistake, stressed the international preacher.

Foreign Minister Al Than declared that Qatar's government started a number of reforms, including labor law. This is a recurring process that never ever stops-and which will certainly not stop even after the Globe Cup, he stated.