Two Moon Characters' beach episodes will be released this winter

The new films about the main characters that appeared in the two-door, Finding Paradise, and Imposter Factory will be released in the coming winter, which deals with the story of vacation on the beach.

The Trebled Games, which developed the three games mentioned earlier, unveiled the 'Just Boys' Series Beach episode' on its official Steam page on the 30th. According to the announcement, employees from Sigmund (virtual company in the game), which appeared in three existing works, deal with the process of enjoying a day vacation at the Golden Lobster Hotel & Resort. Travel expenses were paid by the company.

Along with your familiar characters, you can play a narrative-based adventure full of mini-games, mysteries, and rest. However, on the official page of the Steam, the vacation on the beach may not be a simple vacation based on the stated that 'most of the characters are already dead.' It is also expected to be a spin-off that tells a different story from the existing title.


The Just Two The Mun series Beach episode will be released on Steam at the end of this year or early next year, and the crew mentioned that it will be released on the coldest day. Currently, only English is available on the official Steam page, and Korean support is undecided.

On the other hand, the two-door is an indie game released on Steam in 2011. It was considered as a masterpiece among the titles produced as an RPG maker, showing high-end narratives in the process of solving the question of the elderly's wishes. Since then, the crew has solidified the fandom by continuing the Sigmund series with the concept of Sigmund through the next film such as Finding Paradise and I'm Poster Factory.