The PC release of the PlayStation Studios game will be deployed at least one year after the PS version (exception). The person in charge reveals the policy

The PC version release of the PlayStation exclusive title by PlayStation Studios seems to have at least one year. Herman Hurst, head of PlayStation Studios, revealed in an interview.

PlayStation Studios is an organization that supervises the Sony Interactive Entertainment (SHE) studio. It is also a general term for the SHE umbrella studio. Herman Hurst, a co-founder and Managing Director of GUERRILLA GAMES, is in charge.


Julian Chief, a YouTube channel that handles game information, has recently interviewed Herman Hurst. Chief was a person who co-founded an overseas media Game blog in the past and served as the editor-in-chief. Hurst talked to the interview with the PlayStation Studio policy, including the PC version of the PS exclusive title.

According to Hurst, PlayStation Studios is also motivated to acquire new users on platforms other than PlayStation. For users on a PC that shows growth, some PS exclusive titles have already been released for PCs. In addition, the brand has also launched the mobile department. In the department, it was reported that the Savage Game Studios, which was acquired in August this year, will be operated ( NIXES Software and others in the Netherlands acquired by SHE in 2021 are cooperating with PS exclusive titles.

Hurst, then, has revealed that the studio's release for PCs for PCs is expected to be at least one year since the PS version was released. Certainly, the SHE title released for PC is basically more than a year since the PS version was released. Although the cycle of the PS version was released first and the PC version was released in time was somehow grasped by the user side, but a clear indicator of PS version has been released for more than one year has been presented. Rice field. If you apply this logic, it is likely that the PC version will be released for the THE LAST OF US PART I announced on PS5 and on PS5.

On the other hand, according to Hurst, live service-type titles are not limited. He mentions that users of live service-type titles seek a strong connection with the player community. The live service title provided by SHE has shown the possibility of simultaneous distribution on PS and PC. It is a view that if the release date is separated in the PS version and the PC version, the user community will be divided.

Hurst said that about 25 titles are currently under development under the PlayStation Studios brand. According to him, 12 of them will be a live service-style game. He also mentions that about half of the titles released by SHE by 2025 become a PC or mobile game. This was revealed at Sony's 2022 business briefing held in May this year. The live service-type title currently under development may be the mainstream of PC/mobile titles that SHE will develop in the future.

PlayStation Studios, which is ambitious not only for PlayStation but also for PC and mobile users. This year, the mother's SHE also acquired BUNGEE and Haven Studios in the Destiny series this year. Taking advantage of the new studio's knowledge, PlayStation Studios seems to be actively engaged in live service-type games and large multi-play titles. Live service-type titles for PC/Mobile, which will be launched by PlayStation Studios in the future, will also be attracting attention.