Nope director wants to make your own video game

As already known, currently the creator of Metal Gear Solid is broadcasting his own podcast on the Spotify platform, where he not only speaks of video games, but also of movies and more themes. And in the last September program of him he has had as invited to Jordan Peele , director of the recent film Nope , who has given interesting testimonies.

During an interview with Coming soon , he asked Peele about his appearance in the podcast and was questioned if he would be interested in working in an interactive environment, such as video games. Peele responded absolutely. I love games, and then described his appreciation for the narrative, ensuring that without thinking he would work on something.

The discussion of Peele with Kolyma began when the two expressed mutual respect, with the filmmaker accrediting Kolyma as an inspiration, and the icon of the games announcing Get out , US and Nope How to break with the traditions of modern films. Something that has undoubtedly been attributed, so it is not surprising if the Oscar is nominees in the future.

In news related to Video Kolyma . He recently mentioned that he plans to create a new medium within video games, something that has not been so clear if it is going to be implemented in its new projects. If you want to know more in relation to this statement, we invite you to click on the following link.

NOPE Via: Game rant

Editor's note: It would be interesting for Jordan to take the alternative of video games, because rarely the people of the cinema have dared to participate in this industry. Guillermo del Too was going to be one of the first, but we already know what happened at the end.