Marine invasion guide in Victoria 3

Along with the development of your nation, Victoria 3 allows you to wage war against other nations both on land and at sea. While a terrestrial war requires you to raise ground troops, you will need a strong fleet to master the seas.

On a large scale, your ability to protect and maintain your nation directly depends on your possession of the sea. Why do you need a decent fleet? In addition, most of the trade in Victoria 3 is carried out through the sea, so there is another reason to have a strong fleet.

In this leadership, we will tell you everything that you need to know about the Marine War in Victoria 3:

how to raise/support a strong fleet in Victoria 3

In the same way as the ground forces rest in the barracks, the naval forces are located on flotillas. Your sailors are resting here, all battleships are being built and served. Please note that the flotilla can be built only along the coast belonging to your country.

Flotillas function almost as barracks in the sense that they also require resources such as ammunition, radio stations, military personnel and officers to remain in working condition.

The main difference between flotillas and barracks is that their construction and modernization take more time. Therefore, you need to plan their construction as early as possible, preferably before your rival nation begins to build its flotillas.

Another key difference between flotillas and barracks is that the fleet of your country is always considered an active service. In peacetime, the consumption of resources by naval forces is limited to maintain them in a state of low combat readiness. In wartime, you can only mobilize the necessary troops by choosing them. While the fleet admirals have their own special needs compared to the Ground Forces generals.

ULTIMATE Over time, the expansion of your naval capabilities is important, but this should be done in accordance with the budget with which you work.

how to wage a sea war in Victoria 3

As soon as you increase a number of military personnel of your fleet to the title of admiral, you will gain access to the same function as the generals of the ground forces. You will need to create groups of warships that will perform certain tasks using your flotillas.

* Sea invasions: This allows your admiral to accompany the generals to their appropriate ground battalion on the front of the war.

Raid convoys: * This group attacks and cleanses enemy convoys with supplies, which deprives your enemies of supplies. Support of convoys: The group protects its own confusion from enemy raiders. The patrol coast: These groups season with fuel and protect your shores from hostile warships.

Using these groups, you can take part in the sea war.