Henry Cavill's first words after returning Superman: Cameo, the suit, Snyder and more

Henry Cavill is back Superman . Thus, the famous actor recovers his role a man of cinematographic steel in the DCE after his cameo in Black Adam, opening the door to new individual stories and next to other characters in a new stage of DC Studios that will remain under the Supervision of the filmmaker James Gun . Thus, and after the recent video shared by Cavils himself in his official Instagram account making his return official, the actor h recently attended the podct Happy Sad Confused presented by Josh Horowitz to offer his first interview After such an important announcement, sharing several keys to his return the suit chosen for his cameo, how the Black Adam scene, the future of his character and more.

First interview by Henry Cavill after returning Superman

And it is that Henry Cavill began its journey Superman in 2013 with Man of Steel , to appear later in Batman V Superman and Justice League (both the version of cinem and the Snyder Cut), giving rise to its lt appearances such the DC superhero, so far. And although at the moment he cannot advance anything, he does promise great surprises for the future: At this time I cannot share anything... but over time, I can share and everyone will listen to all the exciting things that will come.

Cavils h also explained how the famous Cameo of Black Adam and the choice of Man of Steel's suit arose. And it is that the proposal to return Superman and star in a cameo in Black Adam a scene So much so, that he requested permission from production to travel to the United Kingdom for a secret matter : It is one of those things that we secretly film in the United Kingdom, and surprisingly everyone remained silent about it Says the actor.

On the choice of the suit, it w something totally symbolic : I chose that in particular by the nostalgia sociated with the suit . It w incredibly important for me to be there and enjoy that moment. It is one of the best moments of my career. Furthermore, it feels great to have the opportunity to use it again, in relation to the design of Man of Steel, his first outfit.

Nor were the words of thanks to the welcome message of Zack Snyder Hugely grateful for everything he h done for me. Those are training memories for me, about my career. It is when everything changed. I remember them with love. Zack If you are looking, Thank you my friend .

Henry Henry Cavill does not miss the opportunity to look back, thank the support of fans and ensure great things for Superman's future in the cinema: Five years have psed. I never lost hope . It's amazing to be here now talking about that again. There is a brilliant future ahead for the character. I am very excited to tell a story with a greatly cheerful Superman , concludes the actor, thus advancing the new tone he intends to print to his character.