Disney Dreamlight Valley: All updates at a glance

In our update guide to Disney Dream light Valley you can find out:

  • When the next content update for Disney Dream light Valley will appear
  • What new characters and areas await you

Since Disney Dream light Valley is still in the early access phase , it is regularly expanded to include new content. We give you an overview of all announced updates.

In our character guide to Disney Dream light Valley, we will also tell you which Disney figures are already in the game and which will be added in the future.

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When will the next content update for Disney Dream light Valley appear?

Although there is still no exact date, the official Twitter account by Disney Dream light Valley has confirmed that the first big content update King of Lion will be released at the end of October . You can find out all information about the content of the extension in the following roadmap.

Roadmap: All upcoming updates at a glance

Lion King

* Release date : At the end of October 2022

In the first big update for Disney Dream light Valley, everything revolves around the Lion's Disney classic. New quests and characters await you. It is confirmed that villain Scar will play a major role. Simba, Timon and Mumbai were also seen in a trailer for Disney Dream light Valley. In addition, photo mode is improved, and your character gets new poses donated.

It is not yet known whether there will be a new kingdom, but we assume that we are already seeing the world of King of Lion ** due to some trailer scenes.

At the same time as the update , numerous mistakes in the game should be fixed , among other things, the development team is currently working on the following problems:

  • Prevention of loss of progress
  • Missing Founders Pack rewards
  • Crashes on consoles
  • PS4 optimizations
  • Faulty lighting effects
  • Quest error: light bulb cannot be picked up
  • Quest error: Items are stuck in the counter
  • Audio strain in the switch version
  • Rain does not irrigate plants

Toy Story

* Release date : late 2022

Also in 2022, the Toy Story update should appear, which will bring a new kingdom, new characters and quest. It is already officially confirmed Woody as a new character , Buzz Light year has also been seen in a trailer.

As soon as there is new information on content ** and precise release appointments for the updates, we update the article. So check here regularly.

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