[Gaming Detective Case Book #1] 9 -color emission! Deep darkness of the game industry illuminating by glowing gaming chopsticks

――I once I was excited about the sound of gaming . When I was still young, when I was using something like a monitor and mouse that was bundled with a PC... for me, gaming product was a longing for me.

Sometimes she cried and rolled to the floor of Soap, and did not let her go for a half-hour Bowie gaming mouse for an hour. When I got a 144Hz monitor for the first time, I felt like I did something great. I kept moving the mouse cursor all day long, and was pleased to say Nurture . That's the past now. A distant, distant, beautiful past of sepia.

But now, gaming products have become a hotbed of fake and deception. If you do it, you will be called gaming, but there is no real gaming fake gaming product .

The world is in a devastated state, as it can be called fake gaming dystopia. Someone has to stand up and stand up. The time has come to the suspicious products that claim to be rampant in the world. I came back from hell and returned to the site. Call people...

Gaming criminal theme song Similar to Soul

** (roar)

Rogue Like Rogue Light

Metroidvania Soul Like

I don't want to be careful when using it

He wants to say roughly

The genre is

Because it is to talk with approximately recognition

Like such a classics

It shouldn't be a strict category (so)


Being particular is important

I respect you

But don't press it

I want you to stick to it without permission

I want you to stick to it without permission

I want you to stick to it without permission

Please do not matter

Don't worry

Don't approach

Because it's dangerous

Don't talk

I'm nervous

I want you to never approach it anymore

I don't want you to talk with courage even if you make a mistake

Stop it (why)

Relieve me (scary)

It's cold... (winter)

A light brass band sound fades out (closed caption) **

Somewhere in Tokyo, gaming police headquarters. There is no Virtual on like Anita, but we are doing it for gaming crime specialty. There are countless difficulties that have been solved. In the case of easy incidents (the opposite of the difficult case), about eight components have been solved without exaggeration. The solution rate is as high as Yahoo! Chiebukuro or gaming police.

I am a specialist of a fake gaming crime called gaming detective. With his favorite gun Danseuse on his waist, he still looks down on the concrete jungle from the skyscrapers today. If his eyes are not shining in 16.8 million colors of Bikkabika, they will be lightly claimed to be gaming. Fake gaming criminals who have no carelessness or skiing... Oh, ABA. Can not forgive. I can't forgive. Let's do it. Oh, already. terrible……. It's pretty bad if this is the case. The incentive is coming to a pretty good place, and it's pretty good. I have to catch it. This is really serious, and I'm just coming to the last minute that I have to catch quite a bit, and from here I feel that it has a guts comparison...

** Wow! AUA!

Suddenly, you can hear a loud voice from behind the corridor. Footsteps running around. Two police officers come in the station. The junior double lift and Tom Classic (I think if you are familiar with criminals, you know, but police are calling them with nickname).

I did it! Hello! I did it! I finally did it! Furthermore, I finally did it!

They are running around the station, exciting like a dog in the snow.

Detective! Gaming Detective! I did it! I finally caught him!

The double lift talked to me four hours later. It was so noisy that everyone came home, and only I was in the station.

Eh... that guy? Who is it?

He's that guy! I arrested the gaming chopsticks ! I did it! Saddam! Furthermore, I did it! Hobart! Tom Classic!

That's right

Tom Classic is nodded with a calm smile.

What!? Gaming chopsticks !! ??! ???

Speaking of gaming chopsticks, it was a person (chopsticks) who had been talked about as a serious suspect.

Anyway gaming chopsticks

  • First, the game and the chopsticks have nothing to do with it. *

  • Perhaps it's just shining. *

  • I don't know the goodness of the chopsticks shining. *

  • I don't know why I want to eat rice in a dark place. *

In this way, it is available in the role class. The salvation is reasonable (even chopsticks that are not gaming are about this price), and the fun of articles is likely to be reasonable. Double lift and Tom Classic have taken the gaming chopsticks to the station. Great.

Immediately heading to the investigation room, the gaming chopsticks were sitting on a chair with an uneasy expression. He said, I'm a victim who has no sin.

However, this style that looks like a fake gaming must be a big game. You may be able to bring out confession from his mouth and reach a fake gaming criminal organization into a potato ceremony. To do so, an appropriate interrogation must be performed.

Alright, the investigation has started!

** Hey! Collar! Are you listening !!! I'm not forgiving me even if I'm silent! It's really terrible! !!! I'm listening !!! Let's show me !!!!!!

Hey! It's terrible !!!!!!!! I don't know! !! !! Do you know! Hey!


Hahaha... Divan... It's a hard-mouthed bastard...

The usual trick of letting himself relocate with momentum failed. It's a pretty tough suspect. But here is still a backhand. It's not time to panic yet.

This is just a chopstick, which is not a gaming that is unusual, is honest and honest.

And this is red beans. If you have these two, you know...?

The intelligent readers will have noticed. The ceremony of the example of the example of transferring red beans from a plate to a plate will verify the function of gaming chopsticks as chopsticks. Naturally, the function of chopsticks must not be hindered by claiming to be gaming chopsticks.

Or rather, the gaming mouse should be higher than normal chopsticks, just like a mouse. First, let's verify with ordinary chopsticks. This time, I decided to measure the speed of transferring 10 red beans and compare them (the editor brought back the excess red beans).

First, verify with ordinary chopsticks. This is very difficult, and it doesn't work at all. If this doesn't go well, it's a bit like a plan, so I wanted it to work.

Okay! I'm finished transferring!

The record is 58 seconds 69. I don't know if it's fast or late... Maybe it's late...

Next, we will verify with gaming chopsticks! It's huge and hard to hold. Something is shining. However, this transfer is the second time, so there are some parts that are better than the beginning. If this goes well, it's a plan, so I don't want you to go well, but it's not good to actively driven a lie chopstick because it is against police ethics. I feel like how many people have been lying, but I want to do this properly.

Well... I can't grasp it as it is (I got the room dim on the way because it was shining).

The record is 1 minute 8 seconds 48. It's a subtle result that it's a bit slower than ordinary chopsticks, but it's not such a denounced difference **.

The gaming chopsticks are still silent. It's a very b1. But how about the next verification...! ?

Speaking of chopsticks, sushi . Speaking of sushi, chopsticks . In order for chopsticks to be chopsticks, you need to eat sushi deliciously. Can the gaming chopsticks really fulfill that function...! ?

First, eat tuna with ordinary chopsticks.

It looks delicious.

Next, gaming chopsticks. It shines in a color that does not seem to be a device to eat food. I'm not sure if the tension goes up or down.

Because it is much thicker than ordinary chopsticks, it is very hard to get and a lot of soy sauce. It was quite difficult to lift and keep taking a picture.


Let's eat shrimp too.

Thank you for the meal.

As expected, it was a bit difficult to use as a chopstick. I didn't know much when I was eating it, but when I looked at the photos later, it looked like a wrong cyberpunk-it was incredibly interesting-After all, What kind of thing to use to eat is sushi. Is. There is no change in taste depending on the mood. However, I don't think it's better to eat in a clear place...

The gaming chopsticks are still silent, but at that time I realized that he expresses his emotions with color . Light blue is sadness... and pink is the color of love. It was always painful. It's a second reading that this guy falls.

Watson... Do you eat?

Detective gaming presents Watson on gaming chopsticks. A familiar flow in a criminal drama. But do you notice that there is a sense of incongruity somewhere?

At the moment, the Watson shines colorfully... This is a gaming Watson! ! ! ! !

And the gaming detective tie also shines! ! ! !

Yeah... that's true. This gaming detective, in fact, was a vicious gaming detective who loves the goods that just have the name of gaming, even though they are not a flashy gaming! ! ! !

The gaming chopsticks are also encountering the gaming Watson, and they look happy. In this way, the gaming chopstick incident is buried forever by detective vicious gaming.


――This, the first episode of Gaming Detective reached a bitter ending, as well as the corruption of the police organization. What will happen to detective vicious gaming? What are the other members of the gaming police station? And... will the day when true justice appears to crack down on fake gaming goods that are out of the world?

But readers may have gained various lessons from this incident. The photos of chopsticks and Watson that are flirty are fascinating...

So, Gaming Detective is looking for gaming goods that you want to check . This is not a gaming, isn't it? And food is good. If you have it, please let us know from the comments or inquiry form. I buy it with the money of the editorial department and become a pillar, and what a manufacturer. If you comment on the goods called gaming chopsticks a little seriously at the end, it is naturally difficult to use as a chopstick, and it is not a gaming, but ** is very interesting for a moment. * I think. If you eat lunch with this at the company, it must be good or worse. Well, it doesn't seem to be stock anymore, but that's a waste...

Shanghai wholesaler shining gaming chopsticks product information

http://www.dospara.co.jp/5shopping/detail_parts.php?ic=477809 (* Out of stock at the time of writing article)

  • Material: ABS758

  • Product size: about 260 mm

  • Hold and partial diameter: about 10 mm

  • Tip part diameter: 5 mm

  • Weight: about 15g

  • Heat-resistant temperature: 100 degrees

  • Attached battery: Button battery LR41 6 (3 per bottle)

  • Others: Food hygiene tested