How to play CB in Madden 23 Face of the Franchise - tips and recommendations

For the first time in Madden you can play for the corner in Face of the Franchise. In Madden 23, your franchise person does not begin in college or as a beginner, but begins with the conclusion of a free agent contract with your chosen team.

The first step on Face of the Franchise is to choose the assembly, setting up the player, and then the choice of position. After that, you will first feel the taste of negotiations on a contract. Each team will send you a proposal with salaries and bonuses for your skills skills. After you select the team you want to play, you will be introduced to weekly events and plot scenes.

How to play CB in Face of the Franchise

MADDEN After you created your CB, it's time to bring it to the battlefield. Your first few games on Face of the Franchise will be short pre-season games, but this is the perfect way to study a new position. The game in CB can be a little ordinary against strong teams. Nevertheless, the closed angle in which they abandon is an excellent gameplay.

You can cause defensive actions during games to always be prepared for what cover you will be. Depending on whether you are in the area or in personal cover, your position and set of movements will change. If you are in a relationship between men, you will want to stay next to your man, but you also want to put pressure on them or give them a pillow depending on the game and the receiver. If you are in the coating area, you need to follow any receivers entering your area and track WR1 on your side. Here are the controls that will help you play Lockdown CB.

Using assistance in defense in the game Face of the Franchise can be a little uncomfortable, since help will often pull you to the nearest player, and not to your z1. Defensive Assist works well when it is used at the end of the game to guarantee that you will not lose a single receiver in your area.

Interception, blow or game in the host occurs when the ball is thrown towards your player. Thanks to the new FieldSense Pass system, you can do exactly in the place where the recipient needs them, and passes based on skills can sometimes lead to inaccurate passes.

The most important thing you need to remember when playing CB on Face of the Franchise is that you will not always succeed in games, but this is the life of CB. Equipment of abilities and X-Factors will help your player improve along with improving attributes. Ultimately, playing games is the best way to gain experience for both you and the player you have created.

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