Grampus, 'My Little Chef' pop -up store ends in a topic

- pop-up store, successful finishing with 10,000 cumulative visitors

-Noma Chicken Box sales of 20 kinds of water-angle goods such as noma chicken box, pop-up store operation for a month

-official model Kim Jun-su (XIA) Fan Signing Event to provide a special experience

Gram Perth, a global multi-platform game company, said that it has completed the My Little Chef pop-up store held in Seongsu-dong for about a month from 3rd to 27th.

This event is the first pop-up store of , which was opened by Grampus, and was designed to provide various fun using content through the IP-based product.

The pop-up store was successful with 10,000 cumulative visitors during the event. In particular, on August 3, the first day of the opening, the pop-up store was opened two hours before the opening of the pop-up store.

The My Little Chef Pop-up Store exhibits the current status of , including the miniature of My Little Chef, and the updated restaurant, and offers abundant attractions. I received a response. In addition, Kim Joon-soo's favorite cactus, olaf, burner, costume, album, etc.

The most popular goods in the pop-up store were Noma's chicken box consisting of chicken coupons, game coupons, and ramen. Despite being sold in the principle of one sales per person, it proved its popularity, such as being sold out, and popular products such as macaroons and beach towels were quickly exhausted.

In addition, on the 13th, Kim Jun-su (XIA) fan signing event, the official model of My Little Chef, provided a special experience to the user.

Kim Choong-sik, director of Grampus's business & marketing, said, Thank you again for the first-time pop-up store, and thank you again. I was able to feel it, and as many people showed interest during the pop-up store, we plan to create opportunities to communicate with users like this pop-up store.

My Little Chef, which has a variety of casual game fans in the domestic casual cooking game market with more than 2 million downloads in Korea, is performing a variety of promotions for the 5th anniversary and preheated users based on games based on games. I continue to try to do it.

Last summer season, the company signed a commerce media partnership with Grandmother Creator Thin Mak, which has been a big topic for various joint promotions, and plans to provide various online and offline opportunities to provide brand experiences.