The system of musical instruments, the event and the upcoming changes in New World

The game portal interviewed Amazon Game Studios. It was about the new music system in MMORPG New World, and the future update. We translated this material for you.

Author: Joseph Bradford

One of my favorite aspects in many MMORPG is music and execution systems that many developers invest in them. They not only give the world a special charm, but also allow the players to truly demonstrate their creative abilities. Therefore, when the New World announced that along with the Medleyfaire event this year we will see the idea of our own system of musical performance, I was eager to check it.

Last week on PTR, I spent time plunging into the fair, studying the musical system, and I must say that I really like it. This is not perfect, but this is such a funny way to spend some time in Aeternum in between PVP-battles or in anticipation when your group begins the next expedition.

Instead of using a free record system, the New World Developers team chose a rhythmic game, prescribing to play the WASD keys, a gap and mouse buttons to the beat of music, and not following notes. You can play on one of five tools: guitar, nitrogen flute, drums, smuggles and mandolin. Each song (and at the time of launch of them 31) has a predetermined instrumentation, and you can unite with several players to create a group.

I must also say that the songs written by New World for the new system are simply fantastic. From the melodic parties of the mandolina, which remind me of some of the best vagrasses, to bass phrases that sound almost as good as Davie504. In this mechanics, real pearls lie.

My favorite tool is nitrogen flute. This is rather a solo instrument, and what I like best in it is that it reminds me of the old wooden flutes of the indigenous Americans, which I sold in a music store. The flute has a distinct hoarse sound with an amazing hum, which fits perfectly into the melody. This really reminded me of the flutes on which I grew up, and then sold them at the beginning of my adulthood.

The musical system in Medleyfaire (Potorri) can become my favorite musical system in MMORPG today. He has his own restrictions, such as the fact that you cannot just take the guitar and start playing that you want. And it is unlikely that we will ever see such creative social events as Weatherstock from Lotro. But, fortunately, it seems that the developer team will support their musical system for quite some time.

We had the opportunity to talk by e-mail with a team of developers about the fair, the musical system and some of the largest changes that will occur in the next update. Ivent Medleyfaire-Could you tell me a little about the inspiration of the summer event, including music and fishing?

Mike Willett, Head of World Experience . We really wanted to realize what we like to do in the summer. Good music, good food and a little Aeternum magic. We also wanted to add new actions for players during the events, and between our mechanics and the history that we wanted to tell, there was excellent synergy. Development of mini-games with a musical rhythm: were you inspired by other mini-players? How did you come to five tools that you chose for mini games? Is it planned to add something else in the future (for example, a saxophone for us, jazz enthusiasts)?

Phil Bolus, senior game design manager. When we approached the idea of this function, we examined many other functions of the tools in online games, as well as in rhythm excesses, and wanted to do something unique to MMO space. We are all avid fans of rhythmic action games, so some drew inspiration from some.

As for the choice of instruments, our wonderful team of sound engineers primarily sought to supplement the current musical palette in the game and provide really energetic moments for playing in a group of performers. We can’t wait to get reviews and find out how players relate to this function in order to determine what to do next. 31 Songs at the start is a lot, and it deserves praise, but when I played PTR, I was a little disappointed by the fact that, it seems, players could not create their own music. Is it planned to expand this system to provide players with complete notation?

Phill. At the moment, we do not plan to let the players create their own music. We approached this function with a desire to make it accessible and interesting for all players, regardless of their ability to compose real music. We plan to add more songs to the current catalog in future updates, and again, based on the reviews of the players, we will evaluate future updates to functions. For those players who really do not like fishing in games, are there any actions that they can take in order to still participate in the holidays?

Mike. Well, I hope they will try to go fishing on Aeternum! This is the central part of the event, moreover, with excellent awards. Reproduction of music for fishing beetles Modlin can reward you with a good bait for catching Aeternum Sturgeon, and during the summer event there are many popular fishing places. (But you can also catch a magical sturgeon in any water).

The dust of Zhukov Madlin, which players collect, playing music in certain places, can also be used to receive summer tokens in the store. Players can also dance in each of the Medleyfaire locations to earn the reputation of the event and gain access to higher awards in the store. During fishing on sturgeons, you can catch resources to get a pet for a home. As for future events, how do you plan to configure the work of the New World team in that way so that every year these events are more diverse and do not turn into routine over time?

Mike. Now we have nothing specific than we could share, but we are discussing the addition of content in the future. Shells and black gunpowder: I like that players can jump into the gun and shoot from it to the admiral. The battle with the boss really requires a large number of movements from the player. Can you tell about the philosophy of design and the process of creating this battle with the boss and how this can affect future bosses in the future?

Mike. We always strive to create new impressions of battles with bosses. It can be navigation, a unique puzzle template or new combat mechanics. We really wanted to plunge into a pirate imagination in Barnacles, and what could be better than shooting from guns?! We want the actions of the players and the stories that we tell, to correspond to each other as much as possible. The style of the Barnacles and Black Powder expeditions is strongly based on the pirates and the era of the New World Research, and all this is due to the mystical aspects of Eternum. What was it like to create this pirate region?

Mike. About Aeternum you can tell a lot of stories. The team received a lot of pleasure from the creative process of developing the ENT of the part of the stories through which the player passes-ghostly treasures, mines-traps and, of course, pirates! The team was looking for new interactions and a new mood to bring them on an expedition. We hope that players will like them to go the same way we liked to create them. New mutators are added on New World expeditions. Can you tell about them?

Mike. Mutations are meta-game mechanics, which adds additional tests, diversity and awards on the expedition. The mutated expeditions have three categories: basic mutations that are spontaneous, increase based on perks, and curses that are set by the script or controlled by status effects. We have three completely new mutations that we have just launched on our PTR, and which will later be launched in the update:

  • Icebound-a mutation focusing on the effects of ice elemental associated with the incoming and outgoing damage. You can also use slowing effects.
  • Oppressive is a set of increase, which includes a mana leak, as well as silence zones that do not allow the use of abilities for a short period of time.
  • Frenzied-This option imposes curses on evading players. Curses are summarized and damage over time. The maximum number of glasses also causes damage to the closest allies.

The main idea is to create a solid basis from mutations that can be mixed and combined, providing a wider number of variations of the gameplay and tasks. This release has 64 different combinations of mutations. We want to see how the current set integrates into the overall system and where we need to balance and configure. We will not tell you any more details, but we are considering other additions to improve mutations in the future. Deleting Tuning Orbs: What are the reviews about this change and does this signal the readiness of the team to reconsider the main aspects of the game in the future if they simply do not work?


Phil. Since we announced changes in Tuning Orbs, many reviews have been received. In general, the reviews of most players were positive. We made some adjustments to the total number of attempts that players can use when launching mutated expeditions for a week.

We use an approach that is very oriented towards the client, listening to the reviews of the players and tracking the interaction data to constantly improve New World. We heard loud and clear reviews about Tuning Orbs and agreed with the players that it did not work. We missed the initial implementation, which added much more trouble to the daily game than expected.

As an intermediate step, they can now be obtained in a simpler way, while work is underway to completely eliminate the requirements for Tuning Orbs in our July update. In this regard, we are still very open to offers and are ready to make changes so that our players get the best impressions of the game in New World.