Many titles are added to Nintendo Switch sales. Various bargains, from the Squarei RPG group to the life of a warm ranch

At the Nintendo E Shop today, a number of sales titles for Nintendo Switch have been added today. In this article, let's pick up some titles on sale from today. The sale period of the introduction title is the shortest, until July 20. Please note that the sale period differs for each title.

This additional title is a lineup of Square Enix works. New and popular titles, such as Spring Yukito Retrochika released in May 2022, and New Swearing Kokou Sekai released in July 2021, can be purchased at a great price.

Spring Yuki Retrochika ・ New authentic mystery doventure using live-action images, which is inferred by considering logic ・ 5236 yen/30%off (store drink)

New Swearing Coloner ・ Stylish action RPG that challenges the Reaper Game in Shibuya ・ 3740 yen/50 % off (store drink)

Bravely Default II ・ Large volume RPG that overcomes difficulties with strategic battles and job changes ・ 3740 yen/50 % off (store drink)

Octopath Traveler ・ RPG where eight travelers face fate ・ 3740 yen/50 % off (store drink)

Sacrifice and Snow Setsuna ・ Works that reconstruct classical RPGs with modern technology ・ 2112 yen/60 % off (store drink)

In addition, Square Enix works are a lineup. In addition, Marvelous's popular title Ranch Story Reunion Mineral Town and Entergrum love ADV series are on sale. Both are about half price and bargain.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Remaster ・ Up to 4 multiplayer games released in Nintendo Game Cube correspond to online and remastered RPG ・ 2640 yen/50 % off (store drink)

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory ・ Kingdom Hearts series first rhythm action game ・ 3740 yen/50 % off (store drink)

Last Remnant Remastered

・ Remaster of the strategic RPG Last Remnant released on Xbox 360 ・ 2189 yen/50 % off (store drink)

Mineral town of ranch story reunion ・ Full remake work based on Ranch Story Mineral Town Nakamata and Ranch Story Mineral Town Nakamachi FOR Girl released in 2003. ・ 3190 yen/50 % off (store drink)


Ikis-just the Way You Are. We Can Understand Each Other Surely.- ・ The story that turns ski to eye, a romance with life-size girls ADV ・ 3300 yen/47 % off (store drink)

As described above, the Nintendo E Shop has a sale lineup every day. If you have time, please check the sale page, consult with your wallet, and get a lot of works. There is also a reservation work on the sale, and Time on Frog Island, which adventures on a solitary island, can be purchased for 20%off 2056 yen.