New World: Azoth-Stab upgraden

New Word: The Azoth staff-these are the upgrade levels

You obtain the Azoth rod for the first time throughout the Yonas quest series. It is a level 1 tool; This is sufficient to shut the easiest wasting portals in New World. During the game, however, the personnel can be upgraded a number of times as well as the gain access to requirements for the missions rely on their personality level: * With level 20 you can start the quest series for the Azoth rod at level 1. * With level 30 there is the follow-up pursuit to bring the rod to level 2. * With level 40, the quest for team level 3 starts. * With level 50 you get the quest series for staff 4. * You can reach the fifth as well as last phase of the team with the quest series at level 60.

NEW The staff upgrades accompany you until completion of the level process. It is always important that you have likewise done the previous quest series, which calls for dungeon check outs.