How to listen to the chat of Jia and Linlang in the plot quest of Elan - Genshin Impact Calculated Gambit

The head of the Umbrabilis Orchis: Act I-Calculated Gambit is the plot quest of Elan, which covers the process of choosing candidates for the next Tyansha from Liue TiSin. The plot quest is divided into three parts, the second of which is called candidate analysis . To do this, you need to sneak up to Jia and Linlang, dangling in the northern pier in the Harbor Liue. If you are caught, you need to start tracking them again. Here is a breakdown of how you can go unnoticed all the time.

How to unlock the plot quest Ylan in Genshin Impact

The Umbrabilis Orchis Chapter: ACT I-Calculated Gambit can be purchased at the storylore tasks for one storyline. All players The adventure of the rank 40 and above who fulfilled the following requirements can start the plot quest Elan:

  • Interlude Chapter: Act II-Dangerous Trace
  • Sinae unicornis Chapter: Act I-a sea of clouds, a sea of people (historical quest Ganyu)

How to listen to the chat of Jia and Linlang, without falling into the plot quest of Elan in Genshin Impact

As soon as the closing segment begins, run left and sit down behind a red cart, clicking on the usual attack on the button button. Contact the image above to find out the exact position that you can take so that you are not caught. As soon as Linlan and Zhiya begin to move, squat down and rush ** as they move to the next position.

Move to the right and sit down next to a large red pot, then wait for the dialogue of Zhia and Linlang. When they begin to move again, adjust your position, remaining bending, using rush button.

Get slightly forward and sit down behind the boxes with a chest upstairs. Chia and Linlang will continue to speak. Wait, while they part then use the usual attack go to the standing position and pursue Jii . This will prompt the plot quest to continue the dialogue of Elan.

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