Gameplay for Dragon Quest Treasures, revealed for December 9

DRAGON Reported in May, the brand-newSpin-offDragon Quest exclusive to the Nintendo Switch has simply taken a date for December 9. An around the world trip, as Square Enix had assured when the title announces.

If it is indeed presented as an RPG by Square Enix, Dragon Quest Treasures promises fairly different video game phases. To be convinced, it is enough to have a look at the trailer ofGamePlayprogram by the author to go along with the information of its release on December 9 on the Nintendo console.

With his artistic direction a lot more childish than typical, Dragon Quest Treasures seems to be predestined for young target markets, as evidenced by his tandem of heroes, Erik and Mia, 2 lead characters currently experienced in Dragon Quest XI: the Destiny fighters. With the difference that here, we will certainly symbolize them while they are still children, crisscrossing the seas aboard their drakkar in search of prizes and also experiences.

Spin-off video clip

Dragon Quest Treasures-Bande-Annonce of the launch date (Japanese).