Fall GUYS Season Pass Content Introduction Trailer Release -There is a problem that you cannot log in

Developer MediaTonic has released a trailer that introduces the season path of the online party game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout .

In the season pass, you can unlock costumes, emotes and Victory. It is said that 100 tiers can be rewarded. In addition, there is a free path that you can get rewards even if you do not buy a season pass.

This work has been played for free from June 21, but it seems that some people have been able to log in or cannot log in at present. MediaTonic is aware that some players cannot log in.

The reason why I can't log in this time is a humorous explanation on the official Twitter that I celebrated the release of free for all and accidentally dropped it to the server. I'm removing the sugar on my computer right now. I am. He also tweeted, The sugar has dried and it takes time to clean it. If ants have been put in to remove sugar, the situation has worsened.


The server recovery time of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is not clear at the time of writing.