Put a curtain on the battlefield! See "Rainbow Six Siege" Year 7 Season 2, such as the new operation "SENS" and the implementation of the shooting practice area, "Rainbow Six Siege" Year 7 Season 2 [Advanced Play Repo]

Tactical FPS " Rainbow Six Siege " by Ubee Isoft. " Operation Vector Glare " has been announced, which adds new operators and long -awaited shooting practice areas.

Game*Spark plays "Operation Vector Glare" one step ahead. In addition to the feeling of use of new operators, we will deliver patterns such as Deathmatch -only maps and shooting practice areas.

Slash on the battlefield! New operator "SENS"

The new operator " SENS " from Belgian is an attack operator of Speed 1 and Armor 3, which has three throwing gadget "R.O.U. Projector System".

The R.O.U. projector system is a rotating throwing device that projects a screen that blocks the field of view. When you throw a gadget, it rotates like a crawling floor, drops the projector into the footprint, and projected the screen. If you hit another object during rotation, it will bounce like a robot vacuum cleaner.

To put it simply, it is possible to develop smoke like a curtain in a place where the gadget has been rolled. After throwing, the gadget rotates for 11 seconds, and the screen develops in the first second. The warning sounds sound as of 11 seconds and disappears between 12 seconds and 13 seconds.

At least 10 seconds can be blocked firmly, so you can help you set up an entry and diffuser by cooking a screen that divides the base. However, it only blocks the visibility, and bullets and abilities pass. Conversely, it is important to note that the C4 and the peak of the enemy cannot be shot back (cannot be locked).

SENS belongs to the new power " Wolfguard " following "Night Haven". Wolfguard is the leader of DOC, with Bandit, Castle, Clash, Frost, Melusi, Thunderbird, Lion, Montage, Nomad, SENS, Twitch and Ying are members. In the media presentation, there were other images that suggested the existence of three powers. It has also been announced that SENS is a non -binary (gender that does not separate gender self -approval and sexual expression in the framework of men and women).

What are the countermeasures?

Of course, there are various countermeasures by existing operators. Because the R.O.U. projector system is a throwing gadget, it can be disabled by Jäger's active defense system. It can be sucked by the WAMAI Mag-Net system, but the screen is expanded from the suction tip, which may cause confusion. ARUNI's Sulyya Gate can be disabled with the laser of the gate, but if it is a door, it can expand the screen by passing the R.O.U. projector system on the floor. The MUTE signal disrapter has the effect of stopping the screen itself, but does not hinder the rotation of the gadget.

In addition, the screen seems to be treated as the same as a smoke, can be seen on the silhouette of the defense operator on the GLAZ flip site, and can be transmitted with Warden's smart glass, bulletproof camera, and Evilia.

The developed projector can be destroyed by explosives. Defense can be destroyed by impact grenade or nitrocell. Note that the impact grenade with a narrow explosion can only destroy a part of the developed screen.

The gadget name "R.O.U." is an abbreviation of Rolling Obstructive Utility. Obstructive means obstruction or blocking.

Easy to handle new weapons

The weapons you have are newly appeared assault rifle "POF-9" , and the same marksman "417" as Twitch. The side arm is "GONNE-6" and the same handgun "SDP 9mm" as Mozzie. Subgadgets have "hard blurring charge" and "clay more".

The new weapon "POF-9" has an impression close to the PDW9 of JACKAL, with a damage of 35, 740, a rising speed of 740, a maximum number of loading. Although the vertical reaction is moderate, there are few horizontal blurring and it is a very easy to shoot weapon. It is also a nice point that there are many options, 2.5 times, 2.0 times, 1.5 times, and 1.5 times.

The upper image shows a reaction when the orange (left) is a vertical grip, and the green (right) is an angle grip equipment. You can see that it is quite easy to shoot with a vertical grip.

The long -awaited shooting practice area

"Shooting practice area" is also used to convey the recoil of new weapons. You can check the reaction and damage of the weapon.

In the shooting practice area, you can freely change the operator and change attachments and sites. You can easily try which attachment is easy to shoot. Operators that are not open can be used in the hall.

However, you cannot practice unique abilities or sub -gadgets, and you cannot practice shooting randomly. Terror hunt is likely to continue.

Deathmatch exclusive map "Close Quarter"

Deathmatch implemented in Season 1. It has been used as a place to get used to warm -ups and weapons before the battle, but a long -awaited special map will be implemented. The "Close Quarter", which has a characteristic location of the existing map, is composed of many finely separated rooms, as the map name suggests.

Impression that the easy -to -understandability is careful, such as multiple stairs connecting two floors are color -coded.

Operator Guide

"Operator guide" is implemented as a tips that can be viewed in the game. This is a video showing how to use and effect of its unique abilities. This allows you to check what abilities before you actually use it.

In addition, a guide to use such as drones, blasting charge, and lapeling, which is a unique element of this work, is also implemented. It will help you to choose which operator to open, as well as improving the ease of understanding for those who first touched this work.

These can be confirmed on the menu screen (by pressing the ESC or option button) in the round of each operator screen of the "Operator" tab.

competition scene

Tactical timeout is implemented in the game. The remaining time is displayed in the game, and the game is automatically resumed when the time is over.

Until now, it could not be used in the competition scene for three months after the implementation of the new operator, but this was eliminated. At the same time as the implementation on the live server, the competition scene will be lifted , and Azami and SENS will participate in the competition scene from the next STAGE.

Squad Up Program

Invite a player who has not played earlier 7 and you can get rewards. The invited player will be opened by past operators, and a campaign will be held to acquire special 3D skins.

It's a big chance to invite new players and friends who have been playing with the past!

Other QOL improvement

With the introduction of GONNE-6 and the addition of side arms, weapons from some operators will return. For Kali, Lion, Amaru, etc.

There is also an option to adjust the screen shaking. You can select the shaking of the screen caused by explosions such as FUZE's cluster charge and blasting charge from the inside, medium, and default. This can be set from the optional "Accessibility" tab.

The phase 1 of the reputation (evaluation) system is also implemented. For players who repeat Friendly Fires, we will continue to introduce a reverse friendly fire not only in the match but also in a certain number of matches.

In addition, privacy mode will be provided to all players. In addition to the nickname creation function, the streaming can be performed with confidence by hiding the player name.

"Dragon -like" collaboration

A real collaboration in Y7S2 revealed. "Dragon Gyoku" will participate in "Rainbow Six Siege"! The skin set of HIBANA with the motif of Kaoru Sayama appearing in "Dragon Like 2" and Echo with the main character Kazuma Kiryu will appear. This is scheduled to start on May 24 without waiting for the new season. In addition, the elite skin with the iconic character of the "Dragon Like" series will be released soon. No matter who you look at...?

In addition, the new map, which was announced in Season 3 announced on the roadmap of ear 7, was also announced at the same time. It will be a better map, taking into account the feedback of "Emerald Plains" that appeared in Season 1.

"Rainbow Six Siege" is on sale for PlayStation5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation4, Xbox One, and PC. The PC test server that can play earlier 7 season 2 will be operated from May 24, and the implementation on the live server is scheduled for June 7.