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From the article published in GAME * SPARK on April 15, 2012 (Thursday), January 15, 2022 (Thursday), we will introduce the top 5 this week. Gem Spa ranking Weekly sparan time. I would like to go for a week, I am also recommended for those who want to know quickly because I am busy!

# 5th- "Witcher" with "Witcher" Maid Live Short Movie

There is a game of "Witcher" in the fifth place, but Ranked! The Game Come on Games Viva La Dirt League, Viva La Dirt League, who has been focused on the popular RPG "Witcher 3 Wild Hunt", "Overloading with Quests in the Witcher" has been released on YouTube.

Gerart, which arrived in a new village, is not horseshoe and the bulletin board. And, I'm looking at his request for quests from the end of my way to the hand. Dandilion, which has passed a large number of requests, is a horrible face of this.... If you noticed everyone, you have received an order for a large number of quests?

Enforcement! Fan Made Live Short Movie Depicified "Witcher"

# 4th place-Stead-scale market scale published by Steam

Steam established as a major distribution platform on a PC. Game Aigi Research Institute has released the results of the survey results of the country's annual market size in such a STEAM.

A 15-49-year-old man and woman who has been playing a game of one of the main PC games for more than 3 days a week, and for men and women of the age of 15-49, from February 15, 2022 According to the investigation period, the largest market size is about 1,327.2 billion yen in China. It was then approximately ¥ 423.2 billion in the United States. In addition, the scale of Japan is about 44 billion yen, and it results in almost the same scale as Canada.

Top is about 1,300 billion yen in China! The annual market size of Steam is released-Japan is about 44 billion yen

# 3rd-Deleted after delivery First PS style horror revives

The domestic version "killing hall" of the primary PS style horror "Murder House", which has been deleted immediately after being delivered to the Nintendose switch in October 2021, and delivery is resumed from April 14, 2022 rice field.

This work is the 80's Slusher Movie-style survival horror. A local newslet who plans to create a sensational ghost mansion program will be chased by a crazy murderer in an abandoned house. After delivery resumes, change the title to " Success to SUPER MURDER HOUSE ". Specifically, what is different and it has not been revealed to date that what has been distributed in questions.

The first PS-style horror "killing building" is revived for the switch deleted immediately after delivery!

# 2nd place-Kojima Hideo, denial the rumor of the acquisition immediately

The other day, Kojima Hideo mentioned Kojima Hideo on the matter that the "Death Stranding" image was added to the English PLAYSTATION STUDIOS official site banner.

Overseas Games Board Site The writings read a topic at RESETERA, and in the previous banner, "Ash and the magic brush" was lined up, but instead "Death Stranding" is published in the current version. And. This allowed the user to discuss whether Kojima Production was acquired by the company.

However, Mr. Kojima is negative at the own account of Twitter. He declared that he is "(Kojima Production) from now on independent production studio .

Kojima Director Maintain Studio Independence Maintenance-Overseas "PLAYSTATION STUDIOS" Banner Update is the beginning

# 1st place- Latest "Bio" movie attraction

Reboot movie started broadcasting in Japan in January 2022. "Biohazard: Welcome to Raccoon City" **. Capcom's Global Hit Survival Horror Game "Biohazard" series is listed, and game reproduction elements are also scattered in some places.

In this article, we delivered the attraction in commemoration of the sale of Blu-ray & DVD & UHD from May 20, Digital Delivery from April 20. The attraction of this work as a survival horror film that returns to the origin and the history of "Bio" series live-action history, and the original fan, and the "Oh!".

The latest "Bio" movie is a work full of the original Love of the game fans! "Biohazard: Welcome to Raccoon City" is an introduction

The most read of this week is the article of "Biohazard: Welcome to Raccoon City" introduction! By the way, the famous text "itchy tasty" and the series familiar herbs are also appearing in the film in the film.