Steam-comeback: RPG

Disco Elysium may now have a few years on the hump, but the old iron does not belong the RPG insider tip for a long time. This proves a look at the current Steam bestseller. There, "The Final Cut" version is just comfortable - and that should be above all at a thick discount campaign.

Disco Elysium - The Final Cut: Roleplay tip will be back to the Steam Topseller

The Steam charts keep real surprises ready at regular intervals - so today. Who throws a look into the current list will find there on the fourth place Disco Elysium - The Final Cut (Source: Steam). The roleplay appeared in the fall of 2019, but was revised again in the spring of 2021 and published as "The Final Cut" version. Also a port for the Nintendo Switch has been published now .

That's Disco Elysium to a RPG insider tip!

In Disco Elysium, she slips into the role of a catered and dropped detective, which can no longer remember the events of the last night, let alone remember his own name. Despite his bad makeup, the broken man must break together and enlighten a murder case . Gradually you can remember more and more details - but we do not want to betray you about the ingenious history of the game.

Another peculiarity of the game: There is not a combat system . Disputes are enclosed with either words or strength samples based on your skill points. In general, the game is more textile, but players offers numerous different ways to influence the course of history and the development of the character.

Abermore: Out Now on Steam! This combination is likely to hit fans of action role games like The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim in front of the head, but that's exactly these qualities make Disco Elysium a fascinating role-playing game , which is aware of its kind. No wonder the RPG insider tip has not only found its way to the Steam Topseller but also in our top 10 PC games.

__Disco Elysium - Watch the Final Cut on Steam

The current Steam discount promotion should also have played Disco Elysium in the cards. The RPG is currently 65 percent reduced and costs until 4 April instead of 39.99 euros only 13.99 euros.