SIMS 4: My Wedding Stories - Wedding Cake Guide

Make or buy a wedding cake in The Sims 4 in the game set "My Wedding Stories" is quite simple, even if it is not immediately obvious. Just choose between self-baking, visiting a pastry or home computer.

how to choose a wedding cake in my wedding stories

To choose the perfect wedding cake for your sims ceremony, go to the village square in Tartosa and go to the pastry shop. The store is part of the city square, like the city center in the "life in the city", that is, you cannot go to the pastry shop.

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Select a cake test version in the store if you want. As soon as you finish it, select the cake you want. You can also skip the whole process, approaching your computer and choosing order... And then Buy wedding cake... and payment in digital format.

How to bake a wedding cake in my wedding stories

To bake a cake, you need cooking skill for gourmets Make a wedding cake with your own hands. You can increase the level of this skill after reaching the fifth level of the usual culinary skill. As soon as you master the culinary skill for gourmets, go to any oven, click on it and select Make a wedding cake . Choose what type you want to bake, and wait until your sim will finish!

You can bake certain cakes depending on your level of culinary skills:

  • Cupcake wedding cakes: 1st level
  • Floral Wedding Cakes: Level 5
  • Round Wedding Cakes Square Design: Level 5
  • Wedding Cakes in the shape of a heart: Level 6
  • Beach wedding cakes: Level 6
  • Square wedding cakes: Level 7
  • Quick-core round cakes: Level 7
  • Hexagon Wedding Cakes: Level 8
  • Wedding cakes from pillows: Level 8

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