Absolute Kracher: Tifpert explains the CFC

1: 1 was the result of the Leipziger at Tasmania Berlin, about a 1: 1 also came out of Chemnitz against Optik Rathenow. "It's about revolving in positive energy," CFC-Coach demanded Christian Tiffert, finally, with the game in Leipzig, an "absolute cracker" stands.

Lok still kneaded up with an eye, the distance to leader BFC Dynamo is already ten points. However, the eleven of coach Almedin Civa has completed two games less, so could lead to the Primus at successful outcome of the two games. A victory first against Chemnitz is therefore mandatory.

But the sky blue, which with 58 points after 32 games have nothing more with the rise to do, want to be underlined in Leipzig "on the fact", as Tifpert underlines. Covetian that Lok is "a top team" and is a "well-rehearsed team". With the top scorer Djamal Ziane and Sascha pepper, "which can also be dangerous at all times".

Ziane is with 21 goals together with BFC striker Christian Beck best scorer of the league. "Now I do not need to present the players to the statistics of Ziane," said Tifpert, especially since it's not just about Ziane, "but also to play the players to sit in position". Like pepper, but also hit himself twelve times.

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But, "we are well occupied," Tiffert said that can look out of full: "I have full waler's strength. And that's great for such a game."