You have fun if you just play Wow

We needed to know a few days ago of you as your patch 9.2: At the end of eternity, as well as even more than 1,900 of you have taken part in our survey. The outcome we introduce you - which is reasonably clear.

For those that simply play World of Warcraft appears to be pleased with the patch, a minimum of to many of our WOW-playing visitors holds true.

Patch 9.2 by World of Warcraft has actually now been real-time for virtually 10 days and also most players have actually already invested many hrs in Zereth Mortis. Specifically zealous characters have already set a foot in the new RAID "mausoleum of the very first" in the previous couple of days - at the very least the typical and also brave mode, the remainder is adhered to later.

A lot of you enjoy once more Antworld of Warcraft - this offered at the very least one study amongst the MeinMMO visitors.

The result at the time of this write-up production was:

In the following we will constantly alleviate the numbers of people who have actually provided "I play new no wow". So we involve even more dependable numbers, which actually goes beyond the real players.

  • 20% find the patch extremely well and also have a great deal of enjoyable.
  • 33% discover the patch extremely alright, yet maintain it for nothing special.
  • 10% the patch is likely less.
  • 10% locate the patch poor as well as have no enjoyable at all.
  • 27% have shown that they do not presently play WOW and also as a result can not judge the patch.

Greater than 70% of the players are completely satisfied

53% of the votes cast are satisfied or very pleased with the patch. If you only take the current players, the value also raises to 72.5%.

_ I locate him extremely well. The only thing that troubles me are the irritating challenges. I finally enjoy Wow and also Level once again my various other Chars through the existing addon, so that they are all set in the following, hopefully good, addon. _.

It remains to be seen whether the patch can bridge the long haul till the following extension, however at the very least the cross-faction play ought to also show up quickly on the PTR.

_ Sammle 30 thereof, eliminate 15 of them, range from A to B as well as come back. Like the last 2 years... Absolutely nothing new. _.

Others have actually obviously wanted a lot more selection by the "typical" MMORPG food. That's how it summarizes Birgit Fritel:.

Georg Maniek writes Tivers regarding:.

Not yet mentioned is - practically - the RAID, mausoleum of the. The opens in his various settings simply and also till all players can at the very least show in the LFR, will take a couple of weeks.

The patch does not be successful in all the joy to inspire all players. A total amount of 20% of participants (27% of energetic players) are really disappointed or not completely satisfied - both shares are almost the exact same below.

For these players, the patch is evidently the extension as well as the highlight of a messed add-on as well as they long for the following expansion, which will most likely have been waiting on a while. Specifically under the Facebook contribution coming from the survey, lots of adverse voices found.

The area is a substantial enhancement in contrast to Korthia, which most players has actually dissatisfied. There is a wide range of content, many uncommon adversaries as well as at the same time no obsession to grind something - but most likely the choice.

Jace Hall - I Play W.O.W Music Video

After such a lengthy delay, I would certainly have wished a bit a lot more. Discover it monotonous! _.

Not all are completely satisfied.

Does your experience coincide with the survey? Just how does the patch get to your guilds and also your circle of pals?

53% of the ballots cast are extremely pleased or pleased with the patch. If you just take the present players, the worth also increases to 72.5%. > _ I find him extremely well. The area is a substantial improvement in comparison to Korthia, which most players has dissatisfied. Find it dull!