Videogames become part of the creations registered for posterity in Spain

Video Games will become part of the Creations registered for posterity in Spain after the agreement reached by the Culture Commission of the Congress of the Deputies this Tuesday, March 23, 2022 This is after an agreement to update the norm that legislates the Spanish cultural heritage **. This is how it emerges from the approval of the reform of the deposit reached in the Congress of the Deputies with 30 votes in favor and 5 against.

Videogames are included in the legal registry

Thus, among the main novelties of that agreement is the inclusion of LSO Videogames in the Creation Registry next to other supports. Now, and after approval, this new meVideo Gamesure will go to the Senate; Once you come into force, all the video games created in Spain will enjoy a copy that will remain in the registry, both digitally and physical, depending on the format.

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The spokesman for the Commission of Culture and Sports and Deputy of the PSOE, Julio del Valle , hVideo Games explained to the country that "everything is subject to change: from newspapers to books, everything that hVideo Games to do with property Intellectual... That makes new instruments and new resources so that the legal deposit can continue to have its referential mission for all Spain regarding the deposit of goods that are Video Gamessets of the State. "

María del Mar García Puig , of the United States, he hVideo Games stood out that the deputies have done "a transversal work", in collaboration with "The National Library, with the Federation of the Editors Guild, the Autonomous Communities, the Spanish Video Game Video Gamessociation and the Spanish Reprographic Rights Center (CEDRO) ", letting it advise by experts.

For its part, from the national library ** it hVideo Games been ensured that they do not currently have the necessary resources to carry out this supervision with guarantees.