The end of the end of the end of the day "A Space for the unbound" blooming in the heart "and the" common point "of the 90's Indonesia

Indonesia's Mojiken Studio develops, TOGE PRODUCTIONS publishing Publishing Games " A SPACE for the Unbound" Flower "is planned to be a 2022 formal release. In Japan, Chorus World Wide will be published for PLAYSTATION 4 / Xbox ONE / Nintendose switch, and Prologue version is currently distributed in STeam.

This work is a stage in Indonesia regional cities in the late 90's. In front of the end of the ultery of the ultra-normal phenomenon that occurred, high school student 'Atoma' and "Raya" enter the heart of various people and solve the mystery.

This title, which was set in Indonesia, previous for over 20 years, the local people are finished with nostalgic scenes and atmosphere....... The setting "the end of the world is approaching" is further attracted. - Actually, Indonesia, in this era, was really trying to reach "end".

# What country was Indonesia in the 90's-

Reweirding: Love-Locks - The History and Heritage of a Contemporary Custom Indonesia was called " Dutch Tate India " before World War II. In old Japanese, there are words " orchids ".

This Dutch Tateida India won the sovereignty after the World War War. President of the first president is a Skaro well known in Japan. But that Skaro falls in 1967. He is a Suphart from the military.

At the 20th century national original, Suhalt may not have a vigorous person of pros and cons. In September 30 cases, it is said to have killed a citizen who is said to be 500,000 people normally, "Indonesian Communist Party Wall" (the number of people is still not well known) Through the parent and American route and free economicism. The Indonesian economic foundation, which also leads to now, is also a rating that it was developed in the Suhart era. He has a strong connection with Japan's economic parties, and also contributed all 30 serialized articles to the "My Resume" of the Japanese Keizai Shimbun.

Suhartu is a so-called "development dictatorial" politician. He made a hand to the operation of the election result, the speech pressure, and the family corruption. His compensation is the economic development of Indonesia in the 70th to 90s. Suhart's dictatorship was actually over 30 years.

...... A huge "Giant Comet" took off to such Indonesia.

# Really "Final"

The "Asian Currency Crisis", which began in July 1997, is a mane game that contains the gaps of the Dolpeg System, which was adopted in Asian countries at that time.

The "strong dollar" policy under the US Clinton administration also had a stronger the currency of Asian countries that dolly links its own currency market. As a result, in Korea, the export field will be headed in Thailand and Indonesia. So the European US fund runs a large-scale sale of each country currency.

In June 1997, Indonesian Lupia was $ 1 = about 2,400 lupias. It breaks $ 1 = 10,000 Rupia in January 1998. After that, the value of Lupia continued to fall and the panic citizens rushed to the bank.

At the same time, the citizens' dissatisfaction with the Suharert administration finally explode. Jakarta Horako is a regional city, a storm of anti-government demonstration blows, and Suhart is retired in May 1998. This series of turmoil is still buried in the mind as a trauma of Indonesian citizens.

# Characters are also part of the city

The character appearing in "A Space for the unbound blooming flower" is a part of the old-fashioned Indonesian cityscape.

Uncle who sleeps aside aside of a hut, a dusty shop trying to sell a suspicious "relief goods" at a high price, a tobacco rest construction worker, a nearby aunt who suffered from Hijab......

Among the atmosphere where yawning is likely to come out, they also hit today for their mediocre life today. The independent war is also a long-lasting event in September 30, and Aceh and East Timor's independence struggle, etc. are only " " for people in Java Island. While expanding the newspaper and knowing the situation in the world, it is the daily life of the general public to fight from the bottom of the belly. In the newspaper, an article of comet flying over the city is written. What does this impact on future development?

It is exactly what "Indonesia just before the Asian Currency Crisis" itself.

"End of the 2020s"

The new Coronavirus brought an economic crisis since 1998 in Indonesia.

Foreign entry prohibition measures, especially in the region developed in tourism. In Bali island, hotels and restaurants will be suspended, and their real estate will be exposed to auction, but the buyer is not. A large number of unemployment also occurs, and people who are stuck in insurance and loans are also one more one after another. A foreign tourist reception without isolation from March this year was conducted, but it does not always return the views before the pandemic. No, rather, it would be better not to expect to return to the state before 2020.

The citizens of Bali are just in real time, "A Space for the unbound blooming flowers blooming".

Does the boy and girl "small miracle" unfolded in the end of the end of confusion will bloom as a large flower to save people?