PSG - Sports Director Leonardo continues to hope for the whereabouts of Kylian Mb cape: "Will try everything"

Sport director Leonardo of Paris Saint-Germain has emphasized in an interview that the hope for a whereabouts of Straillstar Kylian Mbappe has long not abandoned over the summer.

From l'equipe asked for the opportunities for an extension of MBappes at the end of June at the end of June, LEONARDO replied: "I can not say that, but we have possibilities. As long as there is no signature, we will try everything and do everything to do keep."

Over the past few months, more and more had crystallized that a change MBappes is probably probable to Real Madrid. According to information from * MBAPP * and _GOAL _ , the commitment of the 23-year-old world champion in the royal also highest priority enjoys. Leonardo hopes yet to make MBAPP tasty a long-term future in Paris.

The atmosphere in the PARC of the Princes at the latest 3: 1 home win over Saint-Etienne, where MB caps was "especially" with two goals and a template of the outstanding man on the square. "I think Kylian has really thought out the things really," says Leonardo.

PSG sporting director Leonardo remains unsure about Kylian Mbappes future at the club

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Leonardo denies alleged mega offer from PSG for mb

The reports on a contract offer on the part of PSG, which MBAPP would contribute 200 million euros in two years, however, the sports director, however, denied: "That's not true, we have not presented a precise offer. I think the salary will be the last mosaic stone we Add a contract. Rather, we want to bring him to the best position to become the best player he can be. The thing with the salary will end up within two minutes. "

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Since MBAPPES's current contract ends on June 30, he would even have to be free transfer after the season. PSG had transferred 145 million euros for MB cape in the summer of 2017 in the summer of 2017, since then the 53-color French international in 205 competitive games for Paris 156 goals.