Pokémon 9 cup-onion - kinter

Alola! So you are welcomed in the Alola region and with the beginning of the Alola season, the legendary Pokémon Kapu-Riki from 1 March 2022 to 15 March 2022 at 10:00 o'clock in the animal 5 Raids welcomes you. So you have almost two weeks time to catch the first of the four "Capus". Kapu-Riki is only one of the protective cartridge of the Alola region. So you can better exist in the fight against Kapu-Riki, we have created a counter-guide for you. We wish you much success in the hunt!

Kapu-Riki as Raidboss

The legendary Alola-MON of the type electro and fairy is extremely susceptible to floor and poison attacks. Against the 45,438 CP, over which it has, should you connect with a few other players - two to three should be. If you want to hug a little more, you should hope for ground attackers on sunny and for your poison attackers on covered weather, because then their attacks are of course reinforced by the weather.

Considering at all weatherboast joy, however, that even Kapu-Riki is more dividing for covered weather, provided its charging attack is of type fairy. Below is the most effective attackers for the fight against Kapu-Riki.

  • Mega Gengar with Schlecker and Matschbomb
  • Mega Bibor with poison butt and mud bomb
  • Crypto Mamutel with clay clamp and steam roller
  • Stalobor with clay clamp and impact drill
  • Rihornior with clay clamp and earthquake
  • Demeteros (animal spirit form) with clay shot and earthquake
  • Knackrack with clay shot and earthquake
  • Crypto Mewtu with confusion and psychos
  • Groudon with clay shot and earthquake
  • Crypto Nidoking with poison butt and earth forces
  • Demeteros with clay shot and earth forces
  • Gengar with Schlecker and Matte Bomb
  • Crypto SKKTANK with poison butt and mud bomb
  • Crypto Sleimok with poison butt and waste hit
  • Crypto GIFLOR with acidity and mud bomb
  • Roserade with poison butt and mud bomb

Pokémon Go: Kapu-Riki catch

who is the best Gen 9 starter? (it's Quaxly)

Forces your Kapu-Riki successfully to your knees, awaits you the usual Pokéball litter to call your legendary alola-mon your own. Good luck! If you are encountered, the following information is interesting for you: On Level 20, Kapu-Riki has 100% -IV values ​​over 1810 CP. If Kapu-Riki is boomed on level 25 in the rain or covered sky, it has more than 2263 CP with perfect 100% -IV values. We wish a successful hunt!

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