Lit Antin is solo battle! ? "FF14" patch 6.1 is mid-April-"69th PLL"

Square Enix has delivered the "69th FFXIV Producer Reter Live", which delivers information implemented in the next update of " Final Fantasy XIV " on 4th.

We will pick up and deliver the information of this broadcast that has been implemented in patch 6.1 and a leading announcement of the Japan Data Center!

# Patch Title "New Adventure"! Scheduled to deliver mid April

First of all, at the beginning of the broadcast, a patch title, artwork, and delivery timing has been announced. The title of Patch 6.1 is " new adventure " and will be updated in mid-April.

Even from the part that is the same font as the "Newfound Adventure" logo in the artwork is the same font as that used in "Shinsei Eorzea", the previous stories are delimited, and the new story starts from here It is expected. Even though the familiar NPC, such as "" is not drawn in the illustration, the intention is meaning new encounter...?

Two screenshots have been released from main quests within the broadcast. The familiar Tatal and Estinian, who have become unemployed, and it seems to appear in the story. Mr. Yoshida is also commented as a story of a story starting with patch 6.1.

As well as main quests, a variety of stories will be developed in the subquest. In the " Tatal's Daiko Shops " series, patch 6.0 is a story about each place for people gathered from each place to save the end of the world. Even so, the evil face of this Tatal is....

Furthermore, the extra story can be received when all roll quests of each roll implemented in patch 6.0 are completed. There was a similar quest in the "Jet Black Villains", which is the last extension package, but it was a story from the point of view that it was not told in the main story, so it is also expected to be in Taizuki.

Subsequent patches 6.15 the world's long-awaited " Casey Hildro Bland " quests were started, and additional additions to the "Dimensional Omega" series, which was a raid story in the "Guren Liberator" era. A story implementation has also been earned. This is also a complement that "is implemented between patches 6.15 to 6.18".

# Next "Clams" starts-Various content

Although it is the content implemented in patch 6.1, the name of the dungeon that will go in the main quest this time was down. "Because it is a part that is involved in the new story, I do not know because it is a great deal." In the "Faculty of Faculty", a fierce battle with the end of the patch 6.0, " Extreme Battle " is implemented. This is a combination of content times such as production, and it is possible to obtain two totems that can be exchanged for weapons at a time.

Artema Weapon appeared in the past annihilation series adjusted to the current level. In addition, the content that rushes through 24 alliance laids is subject to the " Misologies of Eolsea " series and the first will appear. Except for collaboration, a completely new Alliance Laid Story has never been expected, as it has been since the "Sado of Maha" series of "Ashii's Ishugard".

And in patch 6.11, the fourth edition of the "falling battle" series, which has been postponed from the time of "Jet-black Villains", and " dead dragon poem war " is implemented. This time, one screenshot was released, and there is a figure of Saint Dragon Frace Vega who installed a restraint. In this way, looking at the seven large temple drilling side by side, it is also interesting to be comparable with the difference in design such as wings. Mr. Yoshida says, "From certain parts of the Dragon Pow War, reproduce various parts up to patch 3.3." Even in previous broadcasting, I looked forward to "quite difficulty", so I'm looking forward to what kind of content is.

In addition, PVP content has a small number of content called "Crystal Conflict", as well as a variety of adjustments, such as new compensation, and the current small-sized PVP content "The Feat" is closed, From now on, it is to look at it.

" Good-sorting Trading " will start trading with Amelia, an alfino alisae mother. This is also possible to change the costume by advancing the story. In addition, "Barbarian Quest" changes to " Friendship Group Quest ", and this time, the story with the Alkasodara family of Matataga will be developed. These are scheduled to be implemented in patch 6.15.

# More adventure is convenient! Other update items

As other implementations, "Tsutsuki no Finale" is added to "Tsuichi New Game Feature" where you can re-experience the previous stories, and Viera followed by Losgal's new hair type, Mirage plate extension, minion · Detailed updates are also made to be able to check the possession status of orchestrant.

Especially when the Mirage plate is 20 sheets, each roll, each role, each job can be set individually, and it will be able to reflect the eyes that look not only in the city but also if it is the rest area And after leaving the field, you can also reduce the "Mirapuri!" In addition, the number of storages can be expanded from 400 to 600 or 800 from the current 400 "Mirage Dresser" that can store the equipment. In addition, you can also add features that you can try to try to purchase a charging fashionable equipment sold in online stores.