Gran Turismo 7 legendary cars - Which cars can be bought?

The full car list of Gran Turismo 7 is packed with more than 400 vehicles, and a considerable part thereof consists of legendary cars, the rarest and most desirable vehicles of the drivers. But in Gran Turismo 7, all legendary cars are not always available.

Instead, the cars rotate and change regularly, some sold out and are not for sale, so they need to buy them as long as they can. Legendary cars are also not cheap. Some rich in terms of costs in the millions of credits, so they should make sure the purchase is correct for you before using a large part of the credits.

So if you want to know if you should save your credits for a vehicle that you prefer, read more for our Gran Turismo 7 legendary cars list. This list is updated when new cars are added.

Gran Turismo 7 legendary cars

At the moment we know from 8 Gran Turismo 7 legendary cars Although this list will grow over time:

  • Alfa Romero 155 2.5 V6 TI '93 - 800,000 credits
  • Alfa Romero Giulia TZ2 with Body of Zagato '65 - 3,100,000 credits
  • DE TOAMSO MATTAS '69 - Unknown price
  • JAGUAR E-TYPE COUPÉ '61 - 162,000 credits
  • Plymouth Xnfi Ghia Roadster '60 - Unknown price
  • Porsche 356A / 1500gs Carrera '56 - 615,000 credits
  • Shelby GT350 '65 - Unknown price
  • Toyota Supra GT500 '97 - 1,500,000 credits

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