DOFUS: Reflow of servers on the horizon

After a hollow period at the beginning of the year, the subject of Refusion of servers returns for Dofus. Divided with a "temporary" community, the game keeps a stable but uneven basis according to the servers, monocountry or not. Would a new gathering be on the horizon?

DOFUS: Reflow of servers in discussions

If the population of DOFUS servers has stabilized and continued solidly since 2017, we must even notice disparities. The game now retains a "dissipated" part, only returning to events or temporis. This cyclical phenomenon **, observable at the scale of the video game industry, are particularly felt on some servers like Jahash or Furye, sometimes empty in full day.

Mergers are therefore back on the forum, extending without being totally representative of reality. Dofus remains very populated for a mm of his age. According to a chart provided by Ankama when closing Oto MUSTAM and Thanathéna, a "classic" server would turn on average between 1.000 and 4,000 users simultaneous over the day.

However, a reflow will be interesting on a case-by-case basis. However, up to more recently, a new server gathering related to "impossible". The Dofus team mentions here technical problems. However, this does not seem to be relevant.


During an English live only, Logan represents that the servers can eventually be refused. These remarks will be renewed through 2 lives, including the presentation of the 2.63 update. If this information remains vague, its context remains interesting. No merge is planned but the turn of the announcement leaves only to foresee that several servers may end up 1, especially international side, at first. Indeed, we find the same elements of language as in 2016-2017. Thus, we move from the impossible, to the "raised challenge" and finishing by "the international servers will be the first".

What targeted servers?

The internationals especially and in priority, then the "average" population servers. This will target Furye, for example but also Pandora (recently reassembled in "high"). We can also mention Jahash even if for the latter, the opinion of the community is more scattered, not specifically wanting to end up with Ilyzaelle, yet the only option.

On the side of the servers that will probably wear, Ush, Mériana and Agride remain the first of the game, offering a beautiful labor force in PVM. Merkator, surprisingly, could also be spared button of the "recommended server" helping a lot (ex: merkator) that also suffered waves for archimestrip capture