Dofus: Live KTA 29/03, Summary of ads

After a first season 2022 quite rich side Esport for Dofus, the KTA unveils the future evolutions of its leagues during a live. And if after a help for the gulletminator on retro, the structure still had some surprises in your pocket?

DOFUS: Live KTA 29/03, Summary of ads

On March 20, Rafale won the first Gold League of the year by winning 3-1 against Era Omae. This season was an opportunity to test additions and especially improve the bases of 2021, as the teams had shared it at a live at the beginning of the year. But while the Meta undergoes some changes following the class of the 2.63 and the gulletminator ends with retro, it is already the return of ads for the KTA.

A live will be held today from 20h on the TWITCH string KTV_EN. This article will be updated live over the information unveiled. You will then be able to find a new uncompressed version containing the essential information.

Follow the live on Twitch

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Live tracking

In the introduction, Shax, Midl and Mathys come back to the Gouttarminator. The final phases began, with the big final broadcast on the ankamalive with REC, Esport of Dofus retro and humility, from the Ankama studios.

To continue, the battleship items can no longer be obtained on the classic servers with the player tournaments. The latter are now attributed by the KTA, having made a Top 4 in a tournament (no matter which, bronze, silver, gold,...). The Vhéd'u will also be part of the game for some time.

On the guild side, Bronze League Division 4 already turns its bow. It is now possible to progress more efficiently by slightly rebalancing the points and access starting from 0. Consequence, division 3 has no limit of participants.

Registrations will begin very soon. The season will be open to all from March 30, until April 5th. There will then be 2 days of match per week, from April 7 to May 10, with a single mandatory Thursday because of the ZLAN.