The Shark LG Axol, the Holidays, Last year sales of W768.5 billion won

LG Energy Solutions on the KOSPI (KOSPI) market last month, recorded sales profit of W768.5bn last year and turned on surplus.

LG Energy Solution said on the 8th, and sales of KRW 17,85,51.9 billion, operating profit of W768.5bn, operating profit of W768.5bn, operating profit by 4.3%. Sales rise 42% YoY. Operating profit turned to a surplus from the 289.5 billion won in the previous year.

This publication is the amount containing one-off factors such as GM and Energy Save (ESS) recall-related costs and competitor agents. Excluding one-off costs, sales last year are 16,85,59.7 billion, operating profit is 917.9 billion won.

LG Energy Solutions said, "I did not get rid of 18 trillion won in 18 trillion won," I did not get rid of the sales goal, such as the shortage of the vehicle semiconductor supply, and the main raw material prices. "However, based on the efforts of global electric car, (42%) (12 trillion won).

Last 4Q08, sales were covered by W4239.4bn and operating profit of W75.7bn. In the fourth quarter of last year, sales increased by 10.2% (4,27.4 billion) last year, due to the increase in pouch and cylindrical EV shipment due to the launch of new electric vehicles of global carmakers.

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Operating profit was slightly lowered due to the rise in raw materials and increased logistics costs, but the profitability fell slightly, but the number of times the starch (▲ W372.8bn and 3Q earnings) were converted to the surplus.

On the other hand, LG Energy Solutions plan to invest a total of 6 trillion won for facility investment for expansion of electric vehicle battery production capacity. The total investment amount (4 trillion won) last year was increased by 58%.

Major investment projects include GM JV, as well as Michigan and China, as well as GM JV, and research and development investment.

LG Energy Solution CEO (Chief Executive) Kwon Young-soo Vice Chairman said, "I will do our best to ensure the most basic quality and profitability, and plan to prepare for future preparation," said that " I will try to be a business. "