Horizon Test 2 Forbidden West: a suite that upgrades and beating! Big slap!

Like his creators, Aloy has matured since the first episode. Previously treated by the Noras tribe, she is now known for saving humanity. However, the earth is dying, especially in the western prohibited where a mysterious red nielle threatens any life forms. Conscious that his fight against Hades was just one step in safeguarding the planet, the young woman was looking for a copy of Gaia in order to resume the control of the process of terrraformation. As much the story puts leads to take off in Zero Dawn, as much Horizon 2: Forbidden West manages to capture ourselves from the first minutes. Perhaps because the stakes are identified from the start and that the ambivalence of Sylpens necessarily fuels our curiosity. In any case, Alroy - which we had unjustly pointed to the lack of charisma before gavinding us with the extension "The Frozen Wilds" - does not stand in the extender holder of feminism, even if what it lived in Zero Dawn allowed him to forge a character of steel. Let's say that Horizon 2: Forbidden West has the intelligence of never falling into the caricature, which would have been tempting at a time when progression issues occupy the front of the scene. Everything is perfectly balanced, nuanced: Aloy does not do too much, or not enough. Therefore, the other protagonists have the opportunity to exist. *

Horizon Forbidden West - Cinematic Trailer | PS5, PS4

One of the main interests of an Open World is to make us discover a multitude of biomes, and those of Forbidden West are of a rare beauty.

The fans of the first hour will undoubtedly be delighted with the return of certain known faces, starting with Varl with which Aloy begins his journey. Logic, since a strong link unites the two characters since the death of his little sister, Vala. There is also Erend who is still as gross of stripping, without forgetting Petra and his low perceptible for the adventurer. Among the new heads, we hold back that does not hesitate to take up arms to defend the interests of the uarus. Difficult not to mention Kotallo, a warrior in the sense of duty out of the ordinary. As for Alva, it stands out for its thirst for inexhaustible knowledge. Finally, it will not have escaped the cinephiles that Guerrilla Games offered the services of two actresses that are no longer present: Angela Bassett and Carrie-Anne Moss. The first embodiment Regalla, a tenakth marshalle that does not do in the lace. As for KEANU Reeves' acolyte in Matrix, she lent her features in Tilda whose taste for art allows (re) discover paintings of Dutch painters. We feel that the developers have kept that the characters are less stereotypical than in Zero Dawn, but we must believe that the clichés have hard life. The strings are so big that we even get to guess the fatal destiny of certain protagonists. In short, in writing, there is still a job.

The time to emphasize that once again, multiple choice dialogues do not really affect the main frame. It's a shame, because it would have allowed Horizon 2: Forbidden West to stand out a little more of his predecessor on the bottom, especially as the pictograms used to emphasize an important decision (a brain, a heart, a fist) are reminiscent of Dragon Age where, for the shot, the consequences can be heavy. There, from what we have seen at a time when we write these lines, such or such choice impacted mostly the nature of the relations between Aloy and the other characters, and therefore the nature of the dialogues. That said, this weakness is quickly gummed by the rich content. We do not know if the director Mathijs of Jong added by saying that it would take hundreds of hours to complete the game at 100%, but it is true that there is a lot of things to do in Forbidden West, can -be even too much. Between the crucibles (to learn to hack new machines), the big-necks (to display the points of interest of part of the map), the classic hunting (to recover game and get ready), The rebel caps to be cleaned, the combat pits, the drones to recover, the races lightning, the hunting areas, the panoramas to reconstruct, or the arena dear to Hekarro, we do not have the time. bother. Yet the map is not exceptionally immense - it is just a little bigger than Zero Dawn - but Guerrilla Games preferred to exploit each cm² rather than abusing great deserted extensions.

Under these conditions, we would have appreciated that the studio tits our curiosity using well-supported sound or visual signals. Yes, we think of Ghost of Tsushima who, in this exercise, act as an example to follow. It's true that Aloy's companions do not hesitate to share with scriptwrites - when they are not the NPCs who challenge him directly to solicit his help - it's also true that heroin Sometimes a few clues when she is talking to herself, but a secondary goal is rarely brought in a natural way. Fortunately, the skies are actually optional - logical, but we have already seen that it was not necessarily the case. In other words, the difficulty is calibrated so that XP points harvested throughout the main quest are enough to attend the final denouement - in any case, that's what we observed in normal. We never felt the need to scratch skill points here or there to get out of a situation a priori outcome. And as if to adhere to any eventuality, Guerrilla Games has included two options for the adventure to the last backup, and so to better equip itself before returning to a boss or try to come to the end of 'a quest. Since we talk about skills, developers have revised their copy by organizing things differently. Indeed, if the skill tree of Zero Dawn turned around four axes (traveler, brave, survivor, rope), Horizon 2: Forbidden West, him, into account six: warrior, trapper, hunter, survivor, infiltrated, Head of the machines.


The warrior branch focuses mainly on combat with humans, while the trapper branch allows heroin to enhance the effectiveness of its traps. Those who swear by arms and the concentration gauge will have any interest in promoting the hunter segment, while the surviving category is devoted to the health of the character. As the name suggests, the infiltrated branch is above all dedicated to discretion. On this subject, and unless I'm mistaken, it is no longer possible to whistle - we have to throw pebbles to thwart the attention of enemies. Finally, the chief segment of the machines turns mainly around the mechanics related to robots - damage inflicted by a pirated machine, for example. We will not list all the skills contained in the game - there are almost 140 - but know that some require up to three points to be unlocked, the latter being given to each quest completed or when the adventurer passed a level. On the other hand, it is advisable to linger for a few moments on the bursts of bravery, special capacities that Aloy may use, provided, of course, that the corresponding gauge is full. Thus, in infiltration, it will be able to become invisible and slip into the back of the enemies. In survivor, the start of bravery will allow you to benefit from a shield neutralizing the damage. In warrior, the young woman will be able to increase the likelihood of successful shots. In short, it adds depth to the gameplay, knowing that there are two bursts of bravery by branch and their effects can be improved.

Magnanime, Horizon 2: Forbidden West refuses to punish the player if he promotes a style rather than another. There is no reason to panic when infiltrating a rebel camp while we've been all in on the close combat. You just have to have in mind that we will not succeed in getting rid of an enemy at once, or that we will probably detect more easily. At no time we do not force the hand, but if we put on the skills that has been developed and that we take into account the level of the opponents - darken head down on a guard or a machine that has five levels Moreover, we are a very bad idea - situations will naturally be simpler to handle. In addition to the life bar that increases heroin's exploits, the quality of the equipment can also help not bite dust from the first blade shot in the ribs. As might be expected, Guerrilla Games enjoys Forbidden West to expand the arsenal of the character. Can not miss the peak launcher that has no equivalent in the face of imposing machines. Loaded to block, he can actually do them very badly. If things get complicated seriously, the smoke bomb represents a way to escape. For its part, the rope launcher was entitled to a few retouching as these harpons with candies demonstrated which, once fixed on elemental cylinders of the machines, can cause heavy damage. As for the explosive fronde, its first utility is to generate elemental alterations.

Moreover, concerning the elementary damage, in addition to the classics fire, ice and electricity, Forbidden West introduces the (precious to corrode the armor of the machine), the purge water (which exposes the opponent to the gel and the gel and to electricity) and plasma (which condemns the enemy to a delay explosion). Behind, there are other possibilities to get respected. For example, we think of the targeting arrows that allow to target a prey to which the hacked machines will attack. To catch your breath, we can also rely on the binding and adhesive damage. The first immobilizes the opponent temporarily, while the second will slow down his movements. And then, there is the enraged effect which, in reality, is the equivalent of corruption in Zero Dawn. See the opponents can be used is always a treat. Let's not forget the weapon techniques that, in exchange for a weapon endurance dose, give access to powerful attacks to vary the pleasures. By combining all these settings - and we are far from being exhaustive since the outfits also have an impact on offensive and defensive stats - Horizon 2: Forbidden West offers 1001 ways to shoot down any1. It turns off, especially after fighting for long minutes against an indestructible a priori mastodon.

The developers have clearly spent a crazy time to design the machines so much the way they behave is natural. This thoroughness highlights the diversity of weapons and the strategic nature of the clashes against a Golgoth made of metal and printed circuits.

A detail that is important: from now on, Aloy can board up to six weapons, against four in the first episode. Given that the most powerful can have several types of ammunition, the strategic dimension of the fighting is reinforced. In this regard, the Focus welcomes a new feature, namely the possibility of scoring a precise element of a machine. In this way, Guerrilla Games responds to the query of Zero Dawn fans who regretted that weak points are not highlighted throughout a fight. After, taking into account that one piece can only be selected at a time, memorize the other sensitive areas remains necessary - in any case, until the next blow of focus - for the attacks to be as effective as possible. The idea is obviously to maintain a constant pressure on the player, whether in motion and never really feel safe as long as the machine is around. It is also a way to encourage it to observe the beast, to study its behavior, to identify any weapons that it could go back against it; In other words, planning his assault. And to tell the truth, it's better to be sure, because in the face, that we are within walking distance or at a distance, the response can be brutal, especially at night when the supreme variants point the end their nose.

On this subject, the Bestiary of Horizon 2: Forbidden West welcomes new animals such as creeping, a kind of cobra in mortal venom. There is also the climber (which could be compared to a monkey) who is able to cling to surprise his opponent better. For its part, the Carapest (which clearly reminds the giant turtle) has a carapace difficult to pierce. As for the defense - a kind of mammoth), its slowness is largely offset by a patient's power. Before stopping, we will still cite the breakage that can be seen both on the ground and underwater. In total, the game has more than forty species, without their declections. In fact, every machine with a well-defined role. Some will escort herds, other grinds to the field looking for a potential threat, others will lift the carcasses. In summary, the ecosystem has gained thick, and if we take the time to examine the behavior of the animals, it will be noticed that they can, without wanting, we are useful. For example, the fareners determine resources that can be operated next. Mastodontes are responsible for transporting materials. Attacking them is the opportunity to garnish the inventory. We are far from having made the interactions imagined by Guerrilla Games, and no doubt that videos listed them will bloom on social networks.

If the developers put the package on the machines, we should not forget the humans. Considered as the Zero Dawn Achilles heel, they have been the subject of a number of improvements, which is reflected in particular by more advanced combat mechanics. Beyond the traditional light and light attacks, we note the addition of the resonator breath through which Aloy can recharge his spear. Once full, the next shot worn with R2 reveals a blue target on the opponent's body; The opportunity to uncheck an arrow to inflict large damage. Naturally, the skill tree houses other subtleties such as sequences, counters, or more devastating critical strikes. In parallel, new classes of humans have been designed by developers, like riders who are able to fight with machines. Archers are now supported by heavy fighters who can eat a good part of the HP bar. As for carriers, their faculty to neutralize the focus in fact gallery enemies to delete. In spite of all these efforts, do not expect you to unlock a god of War Combos Fulls: Aloy is a hunter in the soul and non-overpower war. In fact, it is as if the developers of Guerrilla Games told us, "_Voilà the attacks and movements you have available, do what you want." And we must admit that with skill, from the Timing and a good knowledge of the places, there is something to develop choreographed owls. Slide a few meters before unchecking an arrow in the head, then draw the grapple into the stride to climb to a rim and eliminate a guard with discretion, it is possible. Above all, this fluidity in action makes it possible to better understand why Guerrilla Games has once again decided to do without lock.

The streets of San Francisco

Horizon 2: Forbidden West, it's also a lot of exploration. Overview In different trailers, the grapple not only makes it possible to pull up objects - and thus to discover passages - but also to reach remote platforms. To be honest, its use is quite steep because we can only be deployed at specific locations. Even if the developers took care to place enough hook points, he arrived more than once the merdouille reticle in combat. And this constraint is all the more strange as Forbidden West suppresses the one concerning the climbing. We are not quite at the same level as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but Aloy can finally climb almost everywhere, the focus to identify areas where the adventurer has the opportunity to put his hands. The game wins in verticality, which probably explains why the studio could not impleat on the ailegid with which the heroin can hover in the air. If the submarine spaces are quite limited at the start - especially because Aloy must be satisfied with the apnea - afterwards, the dive mask is an opportunity to discover a whole other facet of the game where we are vulnerable. Indeed, only the defensive options are available - close behind algae, attempting a dodge, or to swing a smoke bomb. To rid the card of the thick war fog that covers it, it will have to travel kilometers. Suddenly, at the terrestrial frames, Forbidden West adds the flying frames which, it must be admitted, greatly facilitate the discovery of the distant lands. Let us not forget the campfires and the shelters with which it is possible to move free of charge from one point to another, provided of course having unlocked them; Otherwise, it will be necessary to obtain a travel pack from the local merchant.

Horizon 2: Forbidden West Do not forget to contume the features of the Dualsense. Not surprisingly, adaptive triggers offer different levels of resistance depending on the weapon used. But it is above all the haptic return that reinforces the immersion, since at the moment of arming, one feels the whole mechanism that engages. Again, the intensity of the vibrations varies according to the weapon chosen by Aloy, knowing that jumps, rollars and other slides also tremble the dualsense. When we do not play the helmet, the lever speaker diffuses all the noises associated with the arsenal of the character - fire, electricity among others - including the cracking of the rope. Same when we evolve underwater or that the focus is operated. To do not hide anything, it's less convincing when we fight with the spear. As for the gyroscope - deactivated by default - it allows to target enemies, while the touchpad is used primarily to display the card as well as the interface. In this regard, the latter is rather ergonomic, including easy navigation between the menus and a clear layout of the different information. With all the content that Forbidden West has to resell, it's preferable.

On the realization side, the game offers two modes: "Resolution" for those who wish to privilege visual rendering (4K 30fps), and "Performance" if the framerate is placed above any graphic consideration (1080P 60FPS). Whether one or the other, a landing has clearly been crossed from Horizon: Zero Dawn. Obviously, Guerrilla Games could have fun with the capabilities of the PS5, but it is especially the Decima Engine that has arrived at maturity. What strikes in the first place is the incredible quality of Cut Scenes. Facial expressions are screaming realism, which slides with the empty look sometimes had the characters in the previous opus. Here, the content of the dialogs is fitting with what their face shows. Moreover, probably themselves traumatized by the weak staging in Zero Dawn, the developers have varied the plan values, an improvement already started with the DLC "The Frozen Wilds". Instead of remaining static so, the protagonists are better space, sometimes leaving too much. One of the main interests of an Open World is to make us discover a multitude of biomes, and those of Forbidden West are of a rare beauty. Everything west of the map is Viveterre from the inheritance and its beaches wearing the stigma of the Apocalypse. Built on the ashes of San Francisco, this city is surrounded by a lush flora. Ideal for admiring foliage and perfect mastery of dynamic lighting. It's just splendid.

If the developers put the package on the machines, it would not be necessary to forget the humans. Considered as the Zero Dawn Achilles heel, they have been the subject of a number of improvements, which is reflected in particular by more advanced combat mechanics.

Further north, we fall on the rampart, a kind of impregnable fortress protected by a polar cold. Flakes, trees covered with snow, foot traces, powdery displaced by the wind; The specifications are filled. Further south, the Marepin tribe is surrounded by a mist and swamps; A moist atmosphere that is reminiscent of the Bayou de Red Dead Redemption 2. We finish this fast overview of the places that can be explored with hidden embers. Erected in the heart of the desert, this bastion tries to give back a second life to the city of Las Vegas. At night, the illuminations have even more mouth. The work on animations is also to emphasize, especially in the water where the movements of Aloy are both graceful and natural. Moreover, after every big effort provided, we can see her peiner to catch her breath, hands on hips or knees. Better: when she walks under the snow, she takes the time to savor the flakes that fall on her arms. As for machines, in addition to behaving like real animals, they enjoy outstanding modeling. You are really invited to scrutinize them to better understand the meaning of the detail of Guerrilla Games. Whether it's metal, cables, circuits, tissue, or mechanisms that start with the slightest threat, everything is orchestrated with a hallucinating thoroughness. And we do not even speak the flare that sublimates every meeting with a creature.

One could also insist on the variety of textures that gives the Tournis, on the hair of Aloy that one could recognize among thousands, on the importance given to the depth of field, on the sun that plays cache. With the clouds, on the movements of the water, on the underwater life, or on the destructible environments. Sincerely, there are times when it tutors grandiose. However, as beautiful as it is, Horizon 2: Forbidden West displays some graphic imperfections. For example, the items to display are so many that the game is not spared by popping. We also had right - to rarely - a few slowdowns. The splash effects are not crazy either, and for the NPCs, we expected a little more depth. Ok, some scratch his leg, others take the time to eat a dish, others play in Frisbee or train against a tree, but it still lacks soul. Beyond their unfair facial expressions, there is no life cycle. When we realized that a guard was having fun moving the same coffers without real purpose, we immediately understood. From there to obscure the innumerable qualities of Forbidden West? Absolutely not. Finally, at a time when the discussions on the difficulty in video games are legion, note that Guerrilla Games has integrated a lot of options for accessibility. More concretely, it will be possible to shape the gaming experience at its convenience. Aiming for aim, duration of concentration, automatic healing, damage inflicted in Aloy, loot content Once an eliminated machine, slower wheel, automatic or not, vibration intensity, pressure on the joystick so that The action is taken into account, the mount that follows or not the road; This is a quick overview of what can be set. But the most original find remains the "co-pilot" mode designed for non-lights. Thus, with a second dualsense inverted controls, a second player can take part in the discovery of Horizon 2: Forbidden West. The icing on the cake.