Capcom announced the next Street Fighter

The street Fighter series continues with the sixth numbered part, revealed CapCom.

Many were waiting for the counter rolled on the CapCom website to complete the new resident Evil publication. However, this did not happen, but was expelled a short and concise street fighter 6 scanning video, but still completely without actual game image. In an elegant oxide, however, it will eventually see the newcomer of the newcomer Luke and the legendary fighter of the series of legendary fighters with muscles. Capcom promises his ruling for more information during the coming summer.

Fans are MAD at Capcom for Street Fighter 6 Reveal! NO Resident Evil News!

The previous part of the street fighter v of the street fighter v of the street fighter series in the golden 80's was published in 2016. The game was brought to a more comprehensive CHAMPION EDITION CERTAIN THE BACKGROUND - Of these, they were published only for PC and PlayStation 4.

Street fighter 6: n platforms may not have been told of publishing schedule.