Limited Run Games has officially associated with Xbox

It can be said that Limited Run Games has developed some of the best collection editions for games in recent years. They recently released special lots for the Santa series, Castlemaine Anniversary Collection, No More Heroes and Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game, to name a few. Fans of all kinds would like to get their hands on some of these elements but the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X | S have been remarkably absent from the platforms supported by these games.

This is not that none of these games are available on Xbox consoles; The Doom Bethesda publisher is part of the Microsoft family, several Santa games and the Scott Pilgrim game are both on Xbox One. For some reason, there are simply no versions of Limited Run Games for Xbox games. Even their site does not have an Xbox section. It will probably change soon. In the latest Xbox Expansion Pass Podcast, the founders of Limited Run Games Douglas Bogart and Josh Lakehurst talked about a partnership between them and Xbox who was established last year. They specifically talked about working with Bethesda and double fine, and how one of their first initiatives with Xbox would be, hopefully, to repeat some of these versions to include Xbox games.

Limited versions of Run Games often include a lot of physical collection objects, such as steel book cases, posters and illustrations. It's time for Xbox fans also take out some of them.

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