LEGO adds to concerns by Activision Blizzard and paralyzes the sale of an overwatch 2 set

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In statements accumulated by Block Fanatics, Lego states he is examining his partnership with Activision Blizzard offered the problems about the development of the business to address the continual complaints regarding culture in the work environment, especially as representing the therapy of ladies as well as The development of a varied and inclusive atmosphere. At the same time, we have chosen to pause the launch of Lego Overwatch 2 , initially expected for February 1.

Nevertheless, currently in Activision Blizzard they are erased in maintaining the existing directive, ensuring you are working with interior changes to reply to all these issues and also ensure a healthy and balanced office in which all the employees of the firm feel valued, Insurance and appreciated . Awaiting new information, you can get in touch with a special in 3D games on the number of Bobby Kick and also the Activision Blizzard scandals seen in 2021.

Top When it comes to Overwatch 2, the video game is anticipated to be all set by mid-year, although in autumn he shed one of his major essential items.

This way, Lego joins PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo , among other companies, who have revealed their issue concerning the method of lugging these problems on Activision. The last to provide details regarding this partnership was Phil Spencer, that yesterday guaranteed in an interview to have actually transformed the means to make sure points with the publisher.

If Bobby Kick expected with the New Year an adjustment in the pose of the rest of business to the scandals reported in press of Activision Blizzard could not have actually been much more incorrect. Thus, today we have actually known that Lego has actually decided to pause one of its following projects with the video game finalizing, sharing its problem regarding just how to come close to the grievances seen up until now by the author.